Safety Measures

Please read SIRC COVID-19 measures page as well.

For enjoying rugby, we will do our best to provide everyone with safety and security.

Message from Shibuya International Rugby Club Head of Medical committee

SIRC Medical Committee

Chairman of Medical Committee
Dr. Keisuke Ishii

Dr.Keisuke Ishii is an assistant professor of Teikyo University Hospital. His specialty is orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, and emergency medicine. He used to dedicate himself to the all Japan representative rugby team as a doctor and now contributes to the Japan Wrestling Federation.

Dr. Ishii was born in 1969. He has been a rugby player since he was thirteen year old. His first rugby coach was Mr. Koji Tokumasu, president of SIRC, who was an English teacher at his junior high school. He played a quarter final game of inter high school all Japan championship as FB.

He graduated from Shimane Medical University in 1995. He worked at the University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Bokuto Hospital, and so on. He studied abroad at University of California, San Francisco, from 2015 to 2016.

Vice Chairman of Medical Committee 
M.D. Olivier van Till

Olivier’s medical background: MD from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with training and clinical experience in general surgery (including trauma) and urology.

Currently working as a medical director in Research and Development in Japanese Pharmaceutical company (Astellas) in Tokyo.

Father of kid who play in the Shogun team of SIRC.

Dr. Clara van Gulik

Clara is a paediatrician, having graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in London in 1998. She specialised in paediatric emergency and neonatal intensive care while working in hospitals in London, and is also a specialist in paediatric HIV, tuberculosis and nutrition for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders) and was an expert advisor for the World Health Organisation. She has a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and an MA in international law, both also from the University of London.

Clara is currently the paediatric author for MSF’s medical guidelines and medical advisor based in Tokyo. She started working with MSF in 2005, completing field missions in Burundi, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, South Africa, Guinea, Malawi and Niger. Since 2011 she has been working at headquarters supporting global MSF paediatric activities ranging from Mali to Yemen to Chechnya to Cambodia.

During medical school, Clara played as outside center for the Imperial College Women’s Rugby team and trained for a short while with the London Wasps B team (RFU). Her son Martin recently joined the junior Samurai group! Clara is Dutch and Japanese, and happy to speak in English, Japanese or French to support the SIRC kids!

Dr.Aki Tanaka

Dr.Aki Tanaka graduated from Tokyo women’s medical university in 2006. She was working in the Tokyo Women’s Medical University hospital as a doctor for about ten years and moved to the clinic after she got children.

She is specializing in gastrointestinal medicine, especially gastro and colonoscopy.

It is a pleasure to be a member of SIRC. Her son is playing in Super Ninja.

M.D., Ph.D. Hideyuki Aoki

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Toho University Omori Medical Center
Faculty of Medicine, Toho University 

Certified orthopaedic surgeon who received the medical degree from Toho University School of Medicine. The main specialities are Knee osteoarthritis with Around the Knee Osteotomy and Total Knee Arthroplasty and  Sports medicine  with Arthroscopy.

Practiced Judo in junior and high school (second dan black belt) and played a running back at the American football team in the university.

Father of two boys who are in Samurai and Junior Samurai respectively.

Former Nurse: Yasue Utsumoto

Ten years of experience as a nurse including four years at Surgery and Ear, Nose and Throat Department at The Third Hospital at Jikei University Hospital, about three years at Takasu Clinic and about four years at the combined department of internal medicine and surgery at Johsai Hospital.

Her son is playing in Samurai class.

Aki Bertolino Nakamoto

Pharmacist: Aki Bertolino Nakamoto

Two years at a pharmacy in Kansai, two and a half years as a hospital pharmacist at an emergency hospital (mainly neurosurgery and orthopedics). 2000- Lives in the Middle East and Europe. 2015- Lives in Tokyo. Aki works in a pharmacy and is also involved in home health care.

Japanese-French family. Her son belongs to Shuriken class.

Safety Assistant

The following 16 members have undertaken and completed the Safety Assistant training conducted by the Japan Rugby Football Union.

2021 JRFU Safety Assistant Qualification Holders

GeneralKeisuke IshiiVice-president, Medical Chairman, Utility Coach, Doctor
GeneralTakayuki Hirate
GeneraHisayuki Alwin IgetaSIRC office
Super NinjaTeruma NaitoChairman, Head Coach
Super NinjaHiroki ShimadaCoach
Super NinjaShuhei HiromotoAssistant coach
Super NinjaAki TanakaDoctor, Medical committee
NinjaShotaro YamaguchiCoach
NinjaHaruki FujiiAssistant coach
Junior SamuraiTadakatsu KawakitaCoach
Junior SamuraiTakashi MatsunagaAssistant coach
Junior SamuraiRyota MatsuoAssistant coach
Junior SamuraiYutaka AsakuraAssistant coach
Junior SamuraiYumi Isabel NaitoAssistant coach
Junior SamuraiYasue UtsumotoFormer nurse, Medical committee
Tag ClassEmi HashimotoSIRC office, Assistant coach

SIRC COVID-19 Measures

Please refer to the SIRC COVID-19 measures page.

SIRC Injury Algorithm Rugby Players

We have an algorithm to follow, when treating injured players. Below is a guideline document and injury report form to share the informations amongst coaches and staffs.

Sports Safety Insurance

The membership fees include each member’s registration into sports insurance provided by the Sports Safety Association (Japanese language only).

For a detailed information for SIRC members, such as compensation, please refer to below PDF file.

Note: Incase there are any differences between Japanese and English version, such as incorrect translations, always refer to the original Japanese version as the correct document.

Other Safety Measures

We conduct our activities in accordance with the safety guidelines issued by the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU), World Rugby’s “Player Welfare”, and World Rubgy’s “Rugby Ready (A collective responsibility)”.

We recommend all guardians to take a moment to read these guidelines.

JRFU’s safety measures guideline

World Rugby “Player Welfare”

World Rugby “A collective responsibility

Thank You Össur for Medial Kit

We have received a donation of emergency equipment from Össur — a pioneer in advanced technology that improves people’s mobility — to support the safety of all participants.

Össur advocates “life without limits”, through collaboration with individuals, clinicians and diverse communities around the world, a global leader in helping millions of people improve the quality of life. Össur offer prosthetic and orthotic solutions.

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