Once you become our member, your children need to wear our team kit (shirt, pants and socks) during the classes and games. Our team kit can be purchased from the store detailed below. Until you receive your team kit, any sports wears are accepted.

Please make your order by yourself at the following URL: https://sirckit.net/

Team Kit(Uniform)

The company is called SNOOZER and the name of the store is F-H-E SHIBUYA.

It will take about 3 weeks before your kit is delivered for the very first order. 

You cannot swap the size, once after the name has been printed. If you need to check the sizes, you can do so at F-H-E SHIUYA store (about 15min walk from Shibuya station).

Limited number of macron kit (previous maker) will be also sold at reduced price at “SALE” page on the site.

For any inquiries regards to team kit, contact the store directly via details written in the online store site.