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Zoom Class on Sunday 28th March

We will continue our Zoom Class at 9 am next Sunday as follows !!

Koji Tokumasu, Will Hill, Jamie McCormac, Nathan Paterson, Eriko Murata (specialist on sports nutrition) will give us some fun time.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


  • 9:00 — Jamie and Nathan’s “MOVE YOUR BODIES” session for all age groups
    • Part of this programme contains a collaborative activity where the designated parents/coaches will demonstrate various actions in turn so that all the other children to mimic.
  • 9:20 — Will’s “Total Fitness” for advanced groups
  • 9:40 — Eriko Murata’s advice on eating habits for athletes (for parents and coaches)
    • Food specialist, Eriko has recently written a bilingual book on eating for athletes. She will brief us the importance of having right food by using examples of her husband, Tsuyoshi Murata, a Top League rugby player of Hino Red Dolphins.
  • 10:00 — Class Ends 

* You can participate in any session regardless of age group.

Introduction of guest speakers

Eriko Murata

Eriko Murata is a nutrition expert who has developed her own original method for creating long-lasting, life-changing “food habits” through simple, efficient, and high-quality meals. Eriko believes that even small lifestyle changes can be the foundation for long-term change; a philosophy she calls the “GOOD HABIT” method.

The ideas and recipes offered here make use of her unique dietary knowledge, and experience of supporting both her husband, a professional rugby player, and their young son. They have been well-received by not only top-level athletes around the world, but also by parents and cooking beginners. 

Between nutrition lectures and column writing, Eriko has finally condensed her knowledge into her long-awaited, original recipe book, packed with the ingenuity and everyday usefulness of the “GOOD HABIT” method. 

With one of Japanʼs first bilingual cookbooks, she hopes to reach many dining tables across nationalities and borders.

Click here for Eriko’s original recipe book “Good Habit“. Also on Instagram and Twitter.