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Come and join Shibuya Colts rugby team(U18)

U18:Born between 2nd April 2005 and 1st April 2008

The Shibuya International Rugby Club continues to run Shibuya Colts rugby team(U18)to give opportunities for any U18 students who would like to play rugby.

Here is some basic information.

1.)Practice days : We practice on Sundays. Until we have enough players, practice sessions may be held with junior high school students. We have also partnered with Aoyama High School (2-1-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku), and participate in their practices and practice games throughout the year.

2.)Practice venues: British School Ground located within Showa Women’s University in Setagaya Ward, BST Nagasawa Ground in Kawasaki City, Aoyama High School Ground in Shibuya Ward, etc.

3.) Coach : Dominic Sumner (from England) of Shibuya International Rugby Club will mainly be in charge.

4.) Games in 2023 : The plan is to organize one practice game a month at the BST Nagasawa Ground in Kawasaki City.

5.)Membership fee : For 2023, the annual membership fee is 5,000 yen, no monthly membership fee required. Sports safety insurance fee, JRFU registration fee (including competition participation fee), practice participation fee, are all included in the annual fee of 5,000 yen. 

If you would like to participate, please apply using either form A or B below.

Process of joiningEntry form     Notes
AImmediate registerRegistrationInsurance is covered from the first participation
BParticipate in a trial training session before joiningStep1:Trial registration
Step2:Registration after trial participation 
Trial session participation will be once only.No charge for the participation in trial session.Insurance will not be covered for the trial session.
Enquiry form
Please send any enquiries regarding the classes through the above enquiry form