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SIRC Sunday ZOOM on Sunday 21 February

Why don’t you join our ZOOM class at 10 am on Sunday 21 February?

This is for all age groups and will be around 45 minutes. 

The instructors on the day are Ricky (Head coach of Samurai) and Kazushi Tezuka (Performance Coordinator).

Please join by using the following URL:


Introduction of Mr.Kazushi Tezuka

Kazushi Tezuka photo

Kazushi Tezuka will introduce us of  “The Seven Habits for improvement of your performance in rugby”. 

Kazushi Tezuka is a professional performance coordinator whose son Shiyu is in our Samurai Class. 

“It is extremely important to learn right habits for any sports. I am prepared to show you the secrets of the most reasonable way for your body, which has been studied for the last 29 years research with over 20 thousands of sample cases annually. Why don’t you join us, all children from Super Ninja to U18,  and parents together!”