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Dr Keisuke Ishii appointed as Vice President of SIRC

Dr Keisuke Ishii, Chairman of SIRC Medical Committee, has been recently appointed as the third Vice President of the club. Dr Ishii is an assistant professor at Teikyo University Hospital, a specialist in the filed of orthopedist, emergency medical treatment, and spinal injuries. After graduated from Shimane Medical University, he studied at California University before working for Teikyo University Hospital. Used to be the team doctor for the Japan National rugby team and currently serves as a medical committee member for Japan Wrestling Federation. As a player, he played for Meikei High School as a full back when they were the quarter finalist at the National High School tournament.

Message from Dr Ishii

“Hello everyone. I am Keisuke Ishii, appointed as Vice President of Shibuya International Club(SIRC).
Since my profession is an orthopedic surgeon, I am also a team doctor.We SIRC love to enjoy rugby.We also offer a great opportunity to experience different cultures.
Children absorb everything, just as water soaks into a sponge.Let’s enjoy rugby and cross culture together!”