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Restarting club activities

Following the guidelines for reopening issued by the Japan Sports Association and the Japan Rugby Football Union, and considering the risks caused by inactivity due to self-isolation over many months (such as the deterioration of physical fitness), we are finally working on slowly restarting the Shibuya International Rugby Club’s activities from July, while taking careful measures to respond to COVID-19.

In order to minimize risks to you and to carry out step-by-step training plans and reconditioning, the process to restart may require a certain amount of time. We would be grateful for your understanding and cooperation in this respect.

In July, we will hold free practice sessions several times as per the schedule below. We will prepare to restart our regular practice from September.

There will be a restriction on the maximum number of participants for each session, please send us the submission form below.

Deadline for submission of the attendance schedule form:Monday 6th July 2020.

Dates, times and venues for the sessions will be announced around 9th July.

Please let us know your attendance schedule by using any of the following methods.

Submission form
Proposed Dates and Venues

Sunday 12th July and Sunday 19th July 

  • Venue: A public park in Tokyo (for example, “Yoyogi Park” near Shibuya, “Rinshi No Mori Park” near Meguro).
  • The venue will be notified subject to the number of members showing an interest in participating during July.
  • Session hours: The specific times will be adjusted according to the number of participants showing an interest in such times (①9am-12pm②12pm-2pm③2pm-5pm)

Sunday 26th July 

Submission of the medical questionnaire

Click here for the questionnaire

Anyone wishing to participate in the training sessions or come to the venue as accompanying person (guardians, siblings, others) has to complete and submit the medical questionnaire provided by the club on the morning of the practice day. The questionnaire includes information about your condition on the day of practice as well as information on your state of health for two weeks prior to practice day. Therefore, we kindly suggest you monitor your state of health and measure your temperature every morning starting from today.

Those who do not submit the attendance schedule form and the medical questionnaire will NOT be able to participate in the practice. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

Sports safety insurance

Please also note that the sports safety insurance is renewed every April and is valid for one year.
In usual times, the club pays the insurance fee from the membership fee received. However, this year we have not received any membership fees since March. So, for the time being, SIRC will pay the insurance fee for all members planning to participate in the sessions, and the insurance fee will be refunded to the club from the membership fees received by such participants from the planned September restart.

Therefore, please be aware that if you wish to take part in the sessions in July, but wish to leave or withdraw from the club before the club restarts (scheduled for September), an insurance fee of 1,200 yen (insurance premium + handling fee) will be invoiced to you. We appreciate your understanding in order to ensure the safety of our members is maintained.

contact us at info@shibuyarugby.com.