Super Ninja U4/U5/U6 – Tag Rugby

  • Super Ninja class at Showa Women`s University.
  • Minimum age 4 years old
  • Class contents: Tag Rugby, Fun exercises and fun games using rugby balls.
  • Class time (Sunday 9:00-10:30) @BST SOUTH (Map below)
  • Notes:
    • Age Groups are based on Japanese academic year.
      • Japanese academic year starts in April and ends in March of the following year.
      • Please click the link to explain.

Equipment – please label everything with your Child’s full name.

  • Children may be asked to wear headgear in official JRFU matches and at games with other local teams, even if it is a non-contact game.
  • Wearing headgear during training is optional.
  • Shoes (running shoes, training shoes, rugby/football boots)
    • For Super Ninja, only resin-made-studs boots are allowed. Boots with metal or replaceable studs are not allowed.
  • Drinking water
  • Team kit – Order Here
  • See also Rugby Supplies page.


There is no parking so please use the coin parking outside campus when traveling by car.


Your bike should be left in designated bicycle parking in the school. Do not park your bicycle in other locations (There are bicycle parking areas on campus other than those shown on the map – they are off limits) including the street outside.
Please don’t ride, once you are inside of the campus.

Cancel of Classes

If we need to cancel our classes, a notice will be posted on the SIRC website calendar at least two hours before the scheduled class start time. If there is no notification, please understand that the class is going ahead “as planned”.

Our current criteria for cancelling classes due to bad weather is 70%+ precipitation probability, 2mm+ per hour estimated rainfall and a temperature of 20℃ or less in the area of the venue.

However, other factors such as ground conditions will also be taken into account when deciding whether or not to hold a class.

Venue Use

(1) Don’t climb and play on the rocks in the gardens.
(2) Don’t use the toilets except the designated ones.
(3) Display your SIRC ID card when entering.

Other Notices

  • Please notice that we take photos and videos of children to post on our facebook or website for promotional purposes.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us here.