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Table of Contents

  • Schedule
  • Items to bring (Some Changes)
  • Meal menu (New Information)
  • Hotel and room allocation (coming soon)
  • Bathing timetable (coming soon)
  • Coin laundry timetable (coming soon)
  • List of participants (coming soon)
  • Approximate participation fee (coming soon)
  • Additional events (coming soon)

What’s New

[update date and time 6 July 2023, 7:00 a.m.]

Items to bring (some changes)

Hangers not required. The hotel will provide them.
Flashlight (if available) added.Please bring a flashlight if you have one at home.If not, you don’t have to bring it.

Meal menu (new information)  *Lunch menu to be announced later.

Dinner( buffet ) [For those who cannot eat certain foods due to allergies or other reasons]

Please check the ingredients list on the menu yourself.
For children who have difficulty making their own choices and need support, please make a copy of the ingredients list and indicate what they cannot eat (or edible) and send it to info@shibuyarugby.com by Thursday 13 July.
Breakfast( buffet )


Accommodation: Sugadaira Sun Hotel
1223-1950 Sugadaira Kogen, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL. 0268-74-2360

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.
Please check the update date and time for the latest information. The update history will be posted here.

July 15(Sat)

ScheduleRemarks / Request
Meet at 6:30 in front of Bic Camera Shibuya East

· SIRC uniform shirt
· Attendance confirmation
· Checking the name of your luggage
· Pocket money safekeep
· Bus boarding
· Lunch on the bus (bring your own lunch)

Meeting time is being adjusted. If there are any changes, we will inform you later.
Bus itinerary: Charter bus itinerary-Sugadaira Camp
Please wear a SIRC uniform shirt to prevent getting lost (you may wear plain clothes on the bottom).
Guardian accompaniment is required at assemble/dismissal point.
In case late for the meeting time, we request the guardian of a member who missed the bus to take the member to Sugadaira.
You will be asked to prepare two types of pocket money.
Please check the items to bring section for details.

· Arrival at the hotel
· Opening Ceremony and Practice
For individual participants
As soon as you know the estimated time of arrival on the day, please inform by e-mailing info@shibuyarugby.com or on WhatsApp.
We will contact you with the meeting place information.

· Bathing, laundry, dinner
· events
· turning in
With respect to washing, please check the Items to Bring section for preparation.

July 16(Sun)

ScheduleRemarks / Request
· Warm-up, walk, breakfast

Super Ninja/ Ninja/ Shuriken/
Junior Samurai /Reds U9,10

In-club tournaments, inter-teams match or event

Samurai/ Reds U11,12
Mini Rugby Jamboree meet
< Mini Rugby Jamboree Venue>
Junior Samurai/Samurai/Reds U9,10
Sania Park
· A/B pitch
· After 3pm, C pitch also will be used.

·Municipal pitch No.2

Time Schedule (Japanese version)
*Subject to change
Jamboree Event Outline
· Lunch

Super Ninja/ Ninja/ Shuriken/
Junior Samurai /Reds U9,10

Mini Rugby Jamboree meet

Samurai/ Reds U11,12
In-club tournaments, inter-teams match or event
< Mini Rugby Jamboree Venue>
Samurai/Reds U11,12
Sania Park
A/B pitch

Ninja /Shuriken /Junior Samurai /Reds U9,10
Municipal pitch No.2

Time Schedule (Japanese version)
*Subject to change
Jamboree Event Outline
· Bathing, laundry, dinner
· Walks (souvenir purchases) and events
· turning in

July 17(Mon)

ScheduleRemarks / Request
·        Warm-up, walk, breakfast

Super Ninja
In-club tournaments, inter-teams match or event
Ninja / Shuriken /Junior Samurai/ Samurai

Mini Rugby Jamboree meet
· Lunch
· Closing ceremony
·  Bus ride
· Disbanded in Shibuya
Times may vary greatly depending on traffic conditions.
After departure, we will inform you of the situation via WhatsApp.

Items to Bring

Team kit (one set)Shirt, shorts, socksTeam kits must be worn during games (one set is OK as they will be washed each time after use)
Gear for security purposeHeadgear, mouth guard, sports goggles, etc.Same as normal training
BootsMetal studs and spikes with replaceable studs are prohibited.Same as normal training
Sports shoesAthletic shoes, up shoes, etc.There are activities at locations where studded boots are not allowed.not available on Spike.
Practice shirt, shorts, etc.According to days of participation + number of requirement to swap during the day.Please bring a lot.
Heatstroke prevention suppliesHats etc.
Water bottleDrinks for the 2nd and 3rd days will be prepared by the club and put in each water bottle.Please bring a large water bottle to prevent heatstroke
Sandals, etc.Bring as you wish
Daily clothes, room wearTo be worn during the evening events.
Cold weather clothesClothes to wear in the morning and evening (long sleeves, long pants, sweatshirts, etc.)Mornings and evenings can get close to 10°C.
PajamasWarm clothing can be used.
Laundry suppliesClothesline (if available) ,

Laundry net (must be named)
(Ref:Laundry set
Because it is mandatory to wear a team kit in games, laundry time will be allocated for each room at the hotel’s coin laundry, etc.

Laundry detergent will be provided by the club.

The laundry fee will be collected as miscellaneous expenses in the training camp fee and will be settled at a later date.
Bath towelWill not be provided in hotel room.
Face towelWill not be provided in hotel room.
Sports towelUsed during practice and matches.
ToiletriesToothbrush set, nail clippers, hair dryer, etc.Will not be provided in hotel room.
There are shampoo, conditioner and body soap in the hotel public bath.
Pocket tissue
Plastic bag for dirty laundry
Garbage bags (large/medium/small)
Copy of health insurance card
Household medicine
Insect repellent sprays, etc.
Anti-itch topical medicine, etc.
Sun cream etc.
Writing utensilMay be required for meetings, etc.
Clocks, watchesWrist watch or alarm clockWill not be provided in hotel room.
Rucksack or small bagTo be used when moving at camp site.
100 yen coin pocket money (a must)Children to mange by themselvesTo be used to purchase drinking water.
1000 yen pocket money
There are souvenir shops of Sugadaira’s specialties and rugby goods shops near the  hotel. 

If you would like,
please prepare a ziplock bag as a pocket money bag, fill in the “name” and “amount” and give to your child.
We will collect the money before boarding the bus on the first day,and  hand out to the child at the time of shopping,
After shopping, we will gather the money again and manage, return the left over change at time of dissolution.

In the event of loss due to the above management method, the club will not be held responsible. Thank you for your understanding.
Lunch boxEat at lunch on the first dayPlease take measures to prevent damage to your lunch box during the hot season.
Wherever possible, please use disposable containers.

Points to note

Loss preventionFor all belongings, including socks, underwear and bags, Please label your name.

Items whose owners cannot be found by the closing ceremony will be disposed of.
PASMO・Suica etc. are prohibited to be broughtParents/guardians are kindly requested to keep the PASMO, Suica, etc. for the children while at the event.

We ask for your understanding as these cards are items that are lost mostly at training camps.
Fireworks Please help us by bringing your own fireworks.
Hand-held fireworks allowed, skyrocket prohibited
Campfire eventPlaying music is most welcome and would be appreciated if you can help by bringing your own instruments.
Other eventsAs soon as additional events are decided, we may ask you to add your belongings, but we appreciate your cooperation.
Prohibition of portable games, etc.Card games are allowed
For those who cannot eat certain foods (e.g. allergies, religious reasons)
All meals in the hotel are served buffet style. (except for lunch).
Please check and take your own food.
Click here for the menu and list of ingredients for meals.(Japanese only)
For those with allergies etc., we will translate as much as possible into English before the day of the camp.

Children who have difficulty making their own choices and lunch will be discussed on an individual basis.

To individual participants

Use of the parking lot at the match venue is prohibited. Once you meet at the hotel, you can board the hotel bus. You can park your car in the hotel parking lot unless it is full.

We will keep you updated on the departure time of the hotel on the day via WhatsApp.Please note that it will be arranged at the hotel and on site, so it will be the night before.

To all coaches, support teams, and parent supporters


<Super Ninja・Ninja・Shuriken>
Please have the coaches, support team, and guardian supporters in the same room as your child do the laundry together for each room.Please dry your laundry in each room.As much as possible, please guide your children to do their best to do the drying by themselves.

<Reds・Junior Samurai・Samurai>
Please have children wash their own clothes and dry them in the room.To the support team in charge of the room, please assist the children.

We will inform you later about the timetable for room allocation and coin laundry usage.There is no clothes drying facility.

About managing pocket money for souvenirs

⑴ Time on gathering on July 15 and when breaking up on July 17
We will manage for each bus, confirm receipt with a list, and will be managed by support team members.

(2) When shopping on July 16th

From the support team members to the coaches and supporters in each room,
→ We will keep the pocket money bags of the children in the room you are in charge of.Please hand them over to the children when you arrive at the store.

Please instruct your children to put receipts in their own pocket money bag (ziplock bag, etc.) when shopping.

After shopping, collect and store the children’s pocket money bags (ziplock bags, etc.) again.

When you return to the hotel, please instruct us to fill in the “money brought”, “money spent” and “money remaining” on the designated form.

Place the completed form in your pocket money bag and return it to our support team.
If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below.