<Information for new registration and free trial>

We will inform you of the details for the new registration and free trial not later than Saturday 4 April. We are sorry for this delay in our announcement, which is caused by the late opening of our Spring Class on Sunday 19 April.



1. Trial registration

  • Please make a registration form here for joining our next class as a trial.
    Notice: the Trial member is not covered with sports insurance.
  • Trial Registration

2. Join our class

Membership Registration

1. Membership registration

2. Make a payment

  • After member registration, please make a payment.


  • Please make sure that you can expect classes when you join since we take fee monthly
  • The day you make a payment will be the day and month you join the club
    • e.g. If you pay 10th October, then we’ll charge you 10th of November
  • We don’t accept making a future registration
    • We noticed that some of the guardian demands for a future registration – register for future joining our club -, but we cannot accept it.

(*) Are you a member already?

  • Please update your payment method from here.

What’s included

  • Participation in our class
  • Sports insurance
  • Event priority participation
  • Access for our online community


  • Entry fee – ¥10,000
  • Monthly fee – ¥5,000
  • Team kit – ¥9,000
    • Team shirt
    • Team pants
    • Team socks


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