<Application for Registration and Free Trial>(update:26 April)

Due to the further spread of Coronavirus, we have set up “Waiting List” for those who like to register or join our free trial class. We will let you know the date you can attend, once you fill in this form.

Here is your form



1. Trial registration

  • Please make a registration form here for joining our next class as a trial.
    Notice: the Trial member is not covered with sports insurance.

2. Join our class

Membership Registration

1. Membership registration

2. Make a payment

  • After member registration, please make a payment.


  • Please make sure that you can expect classes when you join since we take fee monthly
  • The day you make a payment will be the day and month you join the club
    • e.g. If you pay 10th October, then we’ll charge you 10th of November
  • We don’t accept making a future registration
    • We noticed that some of the guardian demands for a future registration – register for future joining our club -, but we cannot accept it.

(*) Are you a member already?

  • Please update your payment method from here.

What’s included

  • Participation in our class
  • Sports insurance
  • Event priority participation
  • Access for our online community


  • Entry fee – ¥10,000
  • Monthly fee – ¥5,000

Team Kit Online Order

Once you become our member, your children are requested to wear our team kit (shirt, pants and socks) during the classes and games. However, any sports wears will be worn until you will receive your team kits.

Please make your order by yourself at the following URL: 

The company is called SNOOZER and the name of the store is F-H-E SHIBUYA

  1. It will take about 3 weeks before your kit is delivered for the very first order. Please make your first order by noon Friday 8 May, so that your team kit will be delivered by the end of May.
  2. It will be not possible to change the purchased products after the name is printed, so if you want to check the size at the store, they will open the store between 1-4 pm on Wednesday 6 May for this purpose. The detail of the store F-H-E SHIBUYA in on the above web site.
  3. Limited number of macron kit (previous maker) will be also sold at reduced price at “SALE” page on the site.
  4. Any other inquires should be made to this email address:e-mail



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