To grow educational, supportive, and co-enjoying rugby community in Japan


  • Enjoyable coaching for children (Sunday class)
  • International experience with different nationalities
  • Friendship among SIRC parents and with overseas visitors to Japan during RWC2019 and after


  • More care for each kid
  • Communicable community
  • Fun rugby

Spirit of supporting each other



Shibuya International Rugby Club was opened on 20th of September in 2017 to help stimulate interest and build excitement among young children for the game. The mission of this club is to encourage children to learn how to play rugby in a fun, enjoyable and safe environment as well as to maintain and foster relationships between young players of different nationalities and cultures, and between parents and friends.

Shibuya is located in central Tokyo but there have been no rugby clubs open to the public. We are fortunate to have such international organization as New Zealand Embassy and British School in Shibuya as well. Our “touch rugby sessions” are attended by both Japanese children and international children at various pitches in and around Shibuya area.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making this club become bigger in coming years.

Koji Tokumasu | President
Shibuya International Rugby Club




Our 6C

  • Communication: Our class will be delivered fully in English
  • Care: Class safety is regulated by JRFU
  • Coverage: Various classes allow beginners to kick start
  • Club medical: We have Dr and medical staff in the club
  • Coaching: Experienced and licensed coaches
  • Community: Seasonal events with kids and parents


Dedicated coaches for each class.