Application for trial / Admission

///Application for trial / Admission

Application for trial / Admission


Application for trial / Admission

Thank you for your interest in our club.

If you are considering joining, please apply for a trial and experience our club before applying for membership.


Application for trial

①Please apply from the “Trial Application Form”.


②Please send by e-mail your child’s profile photo with their name in the file name.

  • Please address the e-mail
  • The purpose of the photo is to ensure the child’s team mates can get to know them quicker and to ensure a smooth transition. The use of the photo will be held strictly in accordance with SIRC’s privacy policy and shall only be used for team sheets and other club internal administrative documents. It shall not be used for any other purpose. You can find the SIRC’s privacy policy here If there are any questions, please contact


③ Details of the trial will be provided you at least two days before your requested trial date.

  • Please check that your e-mail account has been set up to allow for receipt of e-mail from
  • If you have not received an e-mail, please check your promotion or junk/spam file folders. If no e-mail has been received following such checks, please contact to verify the status. 



  • The trial is free.
  • No sports insurance is provided for trial sessions.
  • The trial are conducted once only. However, if the trialist cannot attend the trial due to training being cancelled by the SIRC due to weather conditions, absence or not being able to enter the training facilities for circumstances out of its control, then the trial date may be adjusted to another date. In such cases, please contact
  • If following the trial, the player would like to submit a membership application, then please submit your admission form by following the steps below.



① Submit your application by submitting the admission form.

  • The admission form can be found here:
  • Once you have read and agreed to the terms of the membership policy and understood the membership fees, admission and withdrawal terms, please complete and submit the admission form. The membership policy and membership fees, admission and withdrawal terms can be found here:
  • Through the admission form referred to above, at the same time as submitting the admission form, please order the SIRC uniform. Details of the uniform can be found in this link:


②Deadline for submitting the admission form: 22nd day of each calendar month


③The finance team will send a credit card invoice with respect to membership registration via Square( )

  • Please ensure that your e-mail account has been set up to allow for e-mails from to be received. 
  • Initial Charges: JPY24,000 (includes: admission fee of JPY10,000, Uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) fee of JPY9,000, next calendar month’s membership fee: JPY5,000) 
  • From the calendar month after your admission as a member of SIRC, JPY5,000 will be automatically deducted from your registered credit card as payment for the following calendar month’s membership fees. 
  • Once the payment has been completed, the member may commence training from the following calendar month after such payment.
  • The membership fees include sports safety insurance, JRFU registration fees, SIRC guardian registration for preferential access to SIRC events and a handling charge. 
  • The monthly membership fee has been calculated by dividing the yearly fee by an equal 12 calendar months. Accordingly, even though no classes will be undertaken during the August summer period, the monthly fee will be deducted in August on the basis of the yearly membership fee and its 12 monthly instalments.


④Audio, visual and media publication (consent or decline)

SIRC undertakes public relations activities by utilizing its website, social networking platforms and other web based services for the purposes of developing rugby and international relations, and to inform both the Japanese public and globally of SIRC’s activities. Accredited commercial media who have obtained prior consent from SIRC may take audio, visual and other related recordings of SIRC’s activities for public disclosure. Members may decline such disclosure by submission of a non-publication notice by prior written notice or e-mail to the SIRC if it does not wish for such information to be made publicly available. If the member does not decline the use of such information, such member shall have deemed to have provided its consent to such release.

  • Images and private information will only be used for the purposes of SIRC’s public relations activities.
  • Any photos or vides which have been publicly published on SIRC’s media platforms and where the SIRC has a received a request to remove such photos or vides will be promptly removed from such media platforms controlled by SIRC. 
  • Please send any non-publication notices to by prior written notice or e-mail to the SIRC if you do not wish for such information to be made publicly available. However, where group photos or other media instruments are being utilised to record group activities, please use your own discretion to not be recorded. 
  • Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.
  • Please contract for any enquiries.


Example of Audio Visual Non-Publication Notice

I hereby decline the use of audio visual contents which specifically identify [insert name of member and/or the guardian] in the SIRC’s website, social networking services and in any other commercial media outlets.

Name of Member:

Name of Guardian of Member:

Date of Submission:


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