Team uniform

///Team uniform

Team uniform


Team uniform

At SIRC the members wear team uniform for practice and also matches. We request that you purchase the team uniform when joining the club. Follow the process below to make your purchase. Please note that you will need to purchase head gear, mouthguard and cleats yourselves if your child is taking part in full contact rugby.

How to apply

New members

Please complete the membership application as well as the application for uniform.

Purchase of additional items of uniform

For those that need to purchase additional single items of uniform, for example the when your child outgrows their uniform, please complete the following form.

For additional purchases of shirts, please allow one month to deliver as we need to arrange for the name to be printed.

!! Attention required from existing members !! Add a name to a shirt previously purchased (for those who purchased up until July 2019)

To help with coaching and communications between players we would like all members to add a name or nickname to their shirt. 


Team uniform prices (tax included)

New members

  • Team kits  ¥9,000(Breakdown :  Shirt ¥4,600・Short pants ¥3,100・Sock ¥1,300)

Additional items of uniform

  • Shirt (Including child’s name print fee)  ¥4,600
  • Short pants (S size or less)¥3,100
  • Short pants(M size or more)¥3,500
  • Socks ¥1,300

Name on rugby shirt

First name/s or nickname/s you would like put on the shirt/s in capital letters.

You can enter up to a maximum of 20 letters (please note that longer names will appear smaller). 


Size of team uniform

Size of shirt

  • 3XS(Height size  120-132cm 47.24in-51.97in /Chest size  64-72cm 25.20in-28.35in )
  • XXS(Height size 133-145cm 52.36in-57.09in/ Chest size 72-80cm 28.35in-31.50in)
  • XS(Height size 146-158cm 57.48in-62.21in/ Chest size 80-88cm 31.50in-34.65in )
  • S(Height size 159-171cm 62.60in-67.32in/ Chest size 88-96cm 34.65in-37.80in )
  • M(Height size 172-177cm 67.72in-69.69in/ Chest size  96-100cm 37.80in-39.37in)
  • L(Height size 178-183cm 70.08in-72.05in /Chest size  100-104cm 39.37in-40.95in )
  • XL (Height size 184-189cm 72.44in-74.41in / Chest size 104-108cm 40.95in-42.52in)
  • XXL(Height size 190-195cm 74.80in-76.77in / Chest size 108-112cm 42.52in-44.09in )
  • 3XL(Height size 196-201cm 77.17in-79.13in / Chest size 112-118cm 44.09in-46.46in )

Size of short pants

  • 3XS(Waist size 59-64cm 23.23in-25.20in / Hip size 70-76cm 27.56in)
  • XXS(Waist size 64-69cm 25.20in-27.17in/ Hip size 76-82cm 29.92in-32.28in)
  • XS(Waist size 69-74cm 27.17in-29.13in / Hip size 82-88cm 32.28in-34.65in )
  • S(Waist size 74-79cm 29.13in-31.10in / Hip size 88-94cm 34.65in-37.01in)
  • M(Waist size 84-88cm 33.07in-34.65in/ Hip size 96-100cm 37.80in-39.37in)
  • L(Waist size 88-92cm  34.65-36.22in/ Hip size 100-104cm 39.37in-40.95in)
  • XL (Waist size 92-96cm 36.22in-37.80in/ Hip size 104-108cm 40.95in-42.52in )
  • XXL(Waist size 96-100cm  37.80in-39.37in/ Hip size 108-112cm 42.52in-44.09in)
  • 3XL(Waist size 100-106cm 39.37in-41.73in/ Hip size 112-118cm 44.09in-46.46in)

Sock size

  • 17-19cm  6.69in-7.48in
  • 20-22cm  7.87in-8.66in
  • 23-25cm  9.06in-9.84in
  • 26-28cm  10.24in-11.02in
  • 29-31cm  11.42in-12.20in


Headgear・Mouthguard(Shoulder guard)

We would like to ask you to purchase headgear and mouthguard individually.

Under the rules of the Association, players under high school student age are required to wear mouthguard and headgear when participating in contact rugby matches.

Please be sure to wear them even when practicing for safety.

Junior Samurai,Samurai,Shogun,U18 cannot join some of the practices without headgear and mouthguard.

  • Headgear
  • Mouthguard
  • Shoulder guard  (optional)

Please refer here for details:


Rugby Boots

We would like to ask you to purchase your own rugby boots.

JRFU (Japan Rugby Football Union) Regulation for Mini-Rugby requires both players and coaches to wear the rugby boots with non-metal fixed studs or blades when they wear the boots. Metal replaceable studs are not allowed for Mini Rugby for safety reasons.


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