Message from Shibuya International Rugby Club Head of Medical committee

For enjoying rugby, we will do our best to provide everyone with safety and security.

SIRC Head of medical committee

Dr. Keisuke Ishii

Dr.Keisuke Ishii is an assistant professor of Teikyo University Hospital. His specialty is orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, and emergency medicine. He used to dedicate himself to all Japan representative rugby team as a doctor and now contributes to Japan Wrestling Federation.
Dr. Ishii was born in 1969. He has been a rugby player since he was thirteen year old. His first rugby coach was Mr. Koji Tokumasu, president of SIRC, who was an English teacher of his junior high school. He played a quarter final game of inter high school all Japan championship as FB.
He graduated from Shimane Medical University in 1995. He worked at the University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Bokuto Hospital, and so on. He studied abroad at University of California, San Francisco, from 2015 to 2016.

SIRC Vice Head of Medical committee

M.D. Olivier van Till

Olivier’s medical background: MD from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with training and clinical experience in general surgery (including trauma) and urology. Currently working as a medical director in Research and Development in Japanese Pharmaceutical company (Astellas) in Tokyo. Father of kids who play in the Shogun team of SIRC.

Participated trainer seminar by Japan Rugby Football Union

SIRC Medical Committee

SIRC Medical Committee has participated in JRFU’s trainer seminar.
It was very widely knowledgeable, not only about Rugby training but communication, injury, Internal medicine, and disease.


  1. Safety Assistant System
  2. Introduction to rugby
  3. Doping control
  4. Oral Surgery
  5. Relationship with referee
  6. Conditioning theory
  7. Orthopedic trauma, disability
  8. Medical disease

After seminar, Medical committee certified as Safety Assistant by the Japan Rugby Football Association.


How SIRC Medical committee works

There are significant 3 points for SIRC Medical committee to protect your kids.

Oral Surgery

One of the most important lectures in the seminar was on oral surgery. We will strive for prevention of injuries such as lips and tongue, teeth and gums, lower jaw and other disorders such as cerebral shaking and appropriate first aid measures.
Particularly in Samurai and Shogun class where contact play occurs, wearing a mouth-guard is essential.
Also, we are paying attention to the relationship between wearing tooth decay and mouthguard and exercise performance. We recommend that the parents taking care on Oral care at home too.

Warm up

In the seminar, there was a lecture about the muscles.
We SIRC are providing a program that allows you to move your body while enjoying communication as a warm up in the beginning of the class. By doing this, kids can enjoy communicating with friends and coaches, get to know each other and prepare for class.


Generally, adult’s daily water consumption is 2.5 liters – infant = weight(kg) x 90-100ml and kids = weight(kg) x 60 – 80ml . Among them, 1.2 liters is required to consume with frequent hydration.SIRC responds to avoid dehydration symptoms by putting hydration frequently during practice. In addition, when thirsty, kids can feel freely stay hydrating during class. To make kids notice their thirstiness, coaches and team manager will take care of hydration too.