Newsletter #026 (15th September)

///Newsletter #026 (15th September)

Newsletter #026 (15th September)


  • Class information for Sunday 15th September 
  • Parents Meeting
  • Names On Rugby Shirts
  • Notification of issue of SIRC ID card
  • Autumn 2019 Class Schedule
  • SIRC 2nd Anniversary & Richmond FC Welcome Party

Class Information for Sunday 15th September at Showa Women’s University

Shibuya international rugby club will resume training for the autumn season. We look forward to welcoming back all our members and seeing how much you have all grown over the summer.

  • Super Ninja /  9:00a.m.-10:00a.m. – South Ground
  • Ninja /  9:00a.m.-10:30a.m – South Ground
  • Junior Samurai /  9:00a.m.-10:30a.m. – Leo Ground
  • Samurai / 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. – Leo Ground
  • Shogun / 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. – South Ground

Please click the link below to see the venue map and notes on what to bring and other miscellaneous items.

[ Check the details of the venue and what to bring ]

[ Check the classifications-2019 ]

Notification of Parents Meeting

Parents are cordially invited to the parents Meeting to be held as below.

Date: 15 Sep 2019(Sun)
Time:10:40-11:10 for parents of 9:00 class
Time: 12:10-12:40 for parents of 10:30 class
Place: Showa Women’s University, Headquarters Building
Venue: 3F Large Meeting Room(大会議室)

※Children are not admitted to Parents Meeting

but we have reserved another meeting room on the same floor for children to wait.(details are shown later part of this email)


①2019 season autumn schedule
②Update on Coaching policy.
③Appointment of Team Managers

Please click the below link and submit your application for Parents Meeting :

※Parents Meeting will be held even the practice is rained out.

Additional note

If you wish to leave your child(ren) during this Meeting please bring their own snacks food etc.…though will not take any responsibility for allergies.
There will be some activities for children by the students of Showa Women’s University.
Our staff will attend this room from time to time but, we will not be able to take responsibility of looking after children.
As it is on the same floor as the meeting room, we will let you know immediately if any urgency happens.

Names On Rugby Shirts

This is just a friendly reminder that we are waiting for your application.
If you haven’t applied yet, please register using the form below.

If you have placed order for name on uniform please make sure your child(ren) wear their own shirt/t-shirt to training on the 15th Sep.

(1)The shirt needs to be washed before submitting. We can not receive the uniform if they wore it in the morning.

(2)Write the name of your child on the tag inside the shirt using permanent marker (full name).

Notification of issue of SIRC ID card

We have received notice from the facility management of Showa Women’s University, where we hold our regular training, that a new system ID card system will be implemented so only the members who have a Shibuya International Rugby Club ID card can enter the University. 

We will distribute the attached card during practice on September 15th.

Please note that as of September 22, you will need to present your ID card at the Showa Women’s University main gate guard room to gain entry to the grounds. 

Please note the below:

  1. Schedule: 
  • September 15・distribute ID card to attendees (if absent, ID card image will be sent by e-mail by September 21 and will be handed out later)
  • September 22・ID card system will begin.  (Please note that those who do not have an ID card from this date will not be able to enter Showa Women’s University)

 2. Presentation of ID card

  • All people entering the ground will need to present their SIRC ID Card. This applies to the entire family, including members and parents.
  • When you receive your ID card, please take a photo and store on your phone or take a copy of the ID card for all members and family members who will be visiting.
  • For people attending a trial session, we will send you an image of a temporary card by e-mail in advance. Please store the card image on your smartphone or copy it of all the children and family members who will be visiting.

3. If you forget your ID card

  • If there is a SIRC staff in front of the main gate, please tell the staff the class name and your name.
  • SIRC staff will contact the Showa Women’s University guard room staff to verify your membership so that you can receive permission to enter.
  • SIRC staff will be front of the main gate for 10 minutes before and after the practice start time.
  • Please keep in mind that the staff is not there at other times.
    If there is no-one at the front gate, please contact with message title “Waiting in front of the main gate to forget your ID card” and your name. 

4. If you have lost your ID card

Please let us know at  so that we can reissue it as soon as possible. However we highly recommend that you save a the image of your SIRC ID card on your phone to avoid loss of card. 

Autumn 2019 Class Schedule


  1. 15(Sun) Showa Women’s University
  2. 22(Sun) Showa Women’s University
  3. 28(Sat) BST Nagasawa Sports Ground
  • Samurai : Games with Kings School(U12) from Sydney
  • Other classes:Regular training / Cheering for Samurai
  • All classes: BBQ

Check here for schedules after October :

Our sincerest apologies, but the link function is broken right now. We will fix it as soon as it improves.

* If we need to suspend our class due to bad weather, we will inform you on our official Facebook, Twitter, and a mass-e-mail as soon as possible(About 2 hours before before the class starts). Please be noticed on there.

* Even if it is raining, we will practice if the Meteorological Agency predicts that the maximum temperature near the venue will exceed 20 degrees. However, if a weather warning is issued, training will be canceled.

Event information

SIRC 2nd Anniversary & Richmond FC Welcome Party


Our sincerest apologies, but the link function is broken right now. We will fix it as soon as it improves.

–We look forward to seeing you all in the day–

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