Names on rugby shirts

///Names on rugby shirts

Names on rugby shirts


Names on rugby shirts

!! Attention required from existing members !!

Add a name to a shirt previously purchased (for those who purchased up until July 2019)

To help with coaching and communications between players we would like all members to add a name or nickname to their shirt.

Dear Club Members,

From the upcoming Autumn season, we would like to add names to all rugby shirts in order to help coaching and communication with teammates.
We request that all current members submit their shirts on 15 September so that we can arrange for their name or nickname to be printed.

If 15 September is not possible please submit on 6 October.
Please note : Cost of printing is 1,000 yen if you submit by above deadline.
In the event of training being rained off, deadline will be extended.

If you are unable to attend the training sessions please send by post to the following address (please pay for postage):
Emi Hashimoto, Sakuragaoka Office, Shibuya International Rugby Club, Sakuragaoka 5-3-8, Setagaya ku,Tokyo 156-0054 Phone (Emi Hashimoto): 090-5250-9121

We will send you an invoice via Square. Please pay upon receipt.

If you miss the deadline the price to add names to shirts will be JPY 1,500 and you will need to add yourselves affixing by iron (also note that the club will not bear responsibility for any issues when you attach by yourself).

Best regards,

Aiko Iida,
Administration Manager,
Shibuya International Rugby Club

Application form for the purchase of additional

If you would like to purchase a new shirt at this opportunity, please apply here:


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