A day to be remembered for our club.
Just a year ago from today, on 17th June 2017, I visited Showa Women’s University ground to see Roy Yorke coaching children of British School with a hope I could learn something.
I met a couple of parents there and said I like to make a new international rugby club for children in central Tokyo. They showed great interest and thus the original concept of Shibuya International Rugby Club was born.
Thanks to great assistance and team work among parents and volunteers, we started our class last autumn and today, for the first time, four children of our club stood on the pitch of Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Ground as “escort kids” to represent our club wearing brand new club shirts. Our club history has just begun. We like to thank all people who have made this possible. Special thanks to Minato Rugby Football Union for giving us such an unforgettable opportunity. (Koji Tokumasu, President of Shibuya International Rugby Club)