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COVID-19 Measures

Club Policy

The recent challenge of ensuring safety against COVID-19 the SIRC has researched a number or realistic options. For the health and wellbeing of our member children, we will make every possible effort to get our classes started again.

Due to the SIRC being located in Tokyo and the social responsibilities of the club we must accept that the operation SIRC will be responsible and follow their quests and reduce our activities as the citizens of Tokyo.

The highest priority of the SIRC basic policy is to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Koji Tokumasu

Medical Measures

Submission of the Medical Questionnaire

All persons attending classes or events are required to record and undertake mandatory self-checks for each day during the two weeks prior to such classes or events. We require all such participants to submit the medical questionnaire by 7:30 on the morning of your participation.

Measures to be implemented on the day of classes/events

Given the current summer, we also request your cooperation in complying with any heat stroke countermeasures.

1. COVID-19 countermeasures

  1. Submission of the Medical Questionnaire
    • On the day of classes/events, please ensure that each person attending such classes/events records their body temperature, and to submit the medical questionnaire at least 2 hours before the start of the actual class/event.
    • If you have a body temperature of 37.3C or more in [Q1], or if you have checked “yes” for any of the items in [Q2], please DO NOT come to the session, in the interest of your safety and that of everyone.
    • EACH person coming to the training session, including guardians and siblings, must submit his/her individual medical questionnaire. Please be aware that anyone who does not submit a medical questionnaire will not be admitted to the training session and venue.
  2. Disinfecting hands and fingers
    • Every person coming to the training location (including participants and each accompanying person) is asked to disinfect their hands with alcohol-based disinfecting gel at the gathering and dismissal points. Thank you for your cooperation.
    • We will have hand soap ready. To the extent there is no hand soap at the relevant restroom facilities at the particular class/event venue, please reach out to any of the coaches/staff and we will lend you the hand soap.
  3. Masks
    • The choice of whether children wear a mask or not, during training itself, is left up to the decision of the child and his/her guardians. (Please be aware that wearing a mask during training may impair breathing and thus have a direct influence on the body condition, in addition to increasing risks of heatstroke.)  
    • Guardians and accompanying persons are requested to wear a mask.
    • Coaches will have a mask at hand at all times during training. However, please be aware that there may be times during coaching when they cannot wear the mask. Be assured that when coaches come in close contact with children, they will wear their mask. We thank you for your understanding.
  4. Social distance
    • Please secure a space of 4㎡per person to ensure social distance is respected from meeting time, all through training, until dismissal.
    • Please refrain from shaking hands or greeting with hugs.
  5. Training gear and equipment
    • Water bottles, towels, head caps and other individual training gear must be marked clearly so that they can be easily distinguished. Do not share gear with other people or re-use equipment that other people have used.
    • Used masks and any garbage that has come in contact with body fluids (such as nasal mucus and saliva) must be sealed in a plastic bag before disposal in the garbage bag. 

Other measures SIRC takes for your safety:

  • Balls and other equipment are disinfected with alcohol spray before training.
  • Bibs will be used by only one person each training day. Bibs that have been used in a given group will be set aside to avoid reuse by another.
  • The training program will carefully take into consideration the guidelines issued by the Japan Rugby Football Union and World Rugby.

The training program will carefully take into consideration the guidelines issued by the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) and World Rugby.

✅ Please kindly take the time and care to explain about the above measures to your children before coming to the training venue, so that each participant will be able to smoothly listen to the instructions given by coaches and SIRC staff.

✅ In the event that you or someone around you is infected with COVID-19, please immediately report to the club.

We would be grateful for your assistance in complying with the rules set out above.