Autumn 2019 Class Schedule

///Autumn 2019 Class Schedule

Autumn 2019 Class Schedule


Autumn 2019 Class Schedule

Unless otherwise notified
Super Ninja / Ninja / Junior Samurai will be held at from 9: 00am-10: 30am and Samurai / Shogun / U18 from 10: 30am-12: 00pm.


15(Sun) Showa Women’s University

22(Sun) Showa Women’s University

29(Sun) BST Nagasawa Sports Ground

  • All classes start at 9 am
  • Samurai : Games with Kings School(U12) from Sydney
  • Other classes:Regular training / Cheering for Samurai
  • All classes: BBQ


6(Sun) Showa Women’s University

  • Samurai and Young Shogun : Mini games with Norths Pirates from Sydney(U13) / Post match function will be followed
  • Other classes:Regular training

*20(Sun) Showa Women’s University(Only Shogun)

  • No official classes but Shogun may train at South Ground/ To prepare for playing Alnwic U16 following week
  • Other classes : No training

27(Sun) <TBC> Showa Women’s University or BST Nagasawa Sports Ground

  • Shogun : BST Nagasawa Sports Ground / Games with Alnwick Rugby Club from North East of England(U16)
  • Other classes:Showa Women’s University or BST Nagasawa Sports Ground /  Regular training or we might arrange games with local teams for all age groups


10(Sun) <TBA>Showa Women’s University

  • All classes (except for SHOGUN) will participate in Tokyo Rugby Tournament in Ome city / Meeting time will be announced as soon as determined
  • Shogun :  No training

17(Sun) Showa Women’s University

24(Sun) Showa Women’s University

  • We might arrange games with local teams for all age groups


1(Sun) Showa Women’s University or other venues

  •  we might arrange games with local teams for all age groups

8(Sun) BST Nagasawa Sports Ground

  • Shogun : Games with Malaysian International School
  • Other classes:We might arrange games with local teams for all age groups

Other events


  • 15(Sun) Showa Women’s University/ Meeting for parents and coaches
  • 16 (Mon) Shibuya Rugby Union”No Side Event” /  Shibuya Stream


  • 4(Fri) Tokyo Hilton / Party with Richmond Club with our 2nd Anniversary
  • 5(Sat) BST Nagasawa Sports Ground /Adult Friendly Match with a group of touring French diplomats
  • <TBA>12(Sat) 13(Sun) French International Tournament

    • No official classes
    • French International Tournament (11-15 Sept) for those selected to attend


  • If we need to suspend our class due to bad weather, we will inform you on our official Facebook, Twitter, and a group-e-mail as soon as possible. Please be noticed on there.
  • Even if it is raining, we will practice if the Meteorological Agency predicts that the maximum temperature near the venue will exceed 20 degrees. However, if a weather warning is issued, training will be canceled.
  • Please note that the dates and times may change due to joint training sessions or a friendly matches.
  • Please refer to the calendar on the top page of our club website for class dates and times :
  • Please refer here for details of age groups :
  • Please click here for the venue : Showa Women’s University( BST Nagasawa Sports Ground(

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