Membership Fees 



  • First month of membership¥15,000
  • Second month and thereafter¥5,000 per month


  • Admission fee:10,000 (one-off) 
  • Monthly Fee:5,000
    • This amount has been calculated by dividing the yearly fee by an equal 12 calendar months. Accordingly, even though no classes will be undertaken during the August summer period, the monthly fee will be deducted in August on the basis of the yearly membership fee. 
  • The admission fee and monthly fee include the sports insurance, Japan Rugby Football Union registration fee, SIRC guardian registration for club priority benefits and other administrative fees.
  • Sports insurance will be available 1 week after registration. If you register within 1 week to next class, Sports insurance won’t be supported to next class.

Payment Method and Deadlines

  • We accept credit card or Paypal payment on this website.
  • We will charge on your credit card or Paypal on the same day in the month of the first payment.
    • e.g. Paid 10th October, then we’ll charge you 10th of November

Withdrawal, Suspension, Re-Admission, Cancellation

Any fees paid to the SIRC cannot be repaid or be reimbursable. Pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the Policy, the withdrawal, suspension or re-admission to the SIRC shall be conducted as follows. 

Application for Withdrawal or Suspension

  • Application deadline:Any withdrawal or suspension from the membership of the SIRC shall be notified to the SIRC by the 15th calendar day of the month prior to the relevant Member’s intended month of withdrawal or suspension (“Month of Leave”). Any notification after such deadline will only be considered as a notification for such withdrawal or suspension on the next 15th calendar day of the following calendar month and the relevant monthly fees shall be made for such months
  • Suspension of membership shall only be considered for periods of absence from the Programme which are longer than two calendar months.
  • Application method:Please register your application by using the following form:

<Application Form for Withdrawal or Suspension>

Length of Suspension:2 years from the date of suspension 

  • If the Member continues to suspend its membership of the SIRC for a continuous period longer than two years from the date of suspension, the Member’s membership of the SIRC shall be automatically terminated upon such second year. 

Re-admission Following Suspension

  • Re-admission of membership shall be automatically implemented on the calendar month following the month indicated in the Application Form for Withdrawal or Suspension as being the month in which such suspension shall end. Any extension of the suspension period shall be notified to the SIRC via by the 15th calendar day of the month prior to the last month of the original month in which the suspension would end. Any notification after such 15th calendar day deadline shall not be considered.
  • Re-admission to the SIRC following suspension shall incur a re-admission fee of ¥3,000.  On the 25th day of the calendar month prior to the month in which the Member is re-admitted, the monthly fee of ¥5,000 shall also be paid together with the re-admission fee of ¥3,000, totalling ¥8,000. Such amounts shall be automatically debited from the relevant credit card details provided by the Member.

Re-admission following termination

  • After termination of membership of the SIRC, persons who would like to be re-admitted to the SIRC shall inform via on the 15th calendar month prior to the month of re-admission. A re-admission fee of ¥10,000 plus the monthly fee of ¥5,000 shall be paid by the 23rd calendar day of the month prior to the month in which the member is to be re-admitted. If team kit is not required to be purchased, then no team kit fees shall be invoiced.

Cancellation of Admission

  • Further to Article 3 of the Policy, applications for the cancellation of membership shall be accepted if provided to the SIRC within 15 calendar days of the Acceptance Date (as defined above). 
  • In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the SIRC, the SIRC shall consider cancellation requests (in writing or by e-mail) from the Member if the SIRC records show that such Member has not attended any Programme activities (whether in whole or in part) since the Acceptance Date. 
  • The return of funds to the Member following any cancellation or withdrawal of its membership shall not include any banking charges, sports insurance premiums and fees and any other reasonable and documented fees incurred by the SIRC with respect to such Member, such fees and costs being at the cost of the relevant Member.

Yearly Training Schedule

  1. Winter:9 training sessions between January to March 
  2. Spring:10 training sessions between April to July
  3. Autumn:10 training sessions between September to December


  • Please refer to FAQ sections for any questions.
  • For further details of the Policy, please refer to Shibuya International Rugby Club Member Policy
  • To the extent there any inconsistencies between the information contained in this document and the Shibuya International Rugby Club Member Policy, the terms of this document shall apply.
  • The original language of the Policy is Japanese and such Japanese language version shall take priority over any translation of such Policy with respect to the interpretation or its contents.


For more information please see our Membership policy and Privacy policy.