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Shibuya International Rugby Club Member Policy


If there is any contradiction between what the English language version of the Terms says and Japanese language version says, then the Japanese language version shall take precedence.
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Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the Shibuya International Rugby Club (“SIRC”) is to provide its members who have joined the SIRC pursuant to Article 4 below (“Member”), with an environment which facilitates and promotes (i) the education of sportsmanship, (ii) physical education and (iii) cross-cultural relations, in each case, through the SIRC’s rugby programme of training, matches, events and functions (the “Programme”). 

Article 2 (Membership Criteria)

The criteria to become a Member at the SIRC is as follows:

  1. Members shall (a) be aged between (i) 4 years of age and (ii) on or before 31 March of the year in which such Member is graduating high school, is 19 years old (“Player”) and (b) include such player’s parental guardian. 
  2. Each Member shall be of sufficient health and physical condition to be able to participate in the Programme.
  3. Each Member has agreed and accepted the Policy.
  4. The Member has not had its membership at the SIRC terminated pursuant to the terms of this Policy, unless the reasons for such termination have been resolved following a review by the SIRC.
  5. The Member shall not conduct any act under Article 8 (Restricted Activities).

Article 3 (Membership Admission)

  1. Members shall become an official member of the SIRC once it has completed the membership admission application and the SIRC has accepted such application in accordance with the Policy (“Acceptance Date”). 
  2. SIRC shall consider cancellation requests from Members who have requested (in writing or by e-mail) to cancel its membership within 15 calendar days of the Acceptance Date. In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the SIRC, the SIRC shall consider cancellation requests (in writing or by e-mail) from the Member if the SIRC records show that such Member has not attended any Programme activities (whether in whole or in part) since the Acceptance Date. 
  3. The return of funds to the Member following any cancellation or withdrawal of its membership shall not include any banking charges, sports insurance premiums and fees and any other reasonable and documented fees incurred by the SIRC with respect to such Member, such fees and costs being at the cost of the relevant Member (see Schedule 2 (Membership Fees, Admission and Withdrawal)).

Article 4 (Privacy Policy)

The privacy of the Members shall be maintained by the SIRC pursuant to Schedule 1 (Privacy Policy) below.

Article 5 (Member Fees)

  1. Each Member shall pay to SIRC its membership fees (“Membership Fees”) in the amount and procedures set out in Schedule XX (Membership Fees, Admission and Withdrawal).
  2. Membership Fees shall not be refunded, set-off or repaid in any way following the cancellation of any part of the Programme pursuant to Article 16 (Extension or Cancellation of the Programme). 
  3. Unless otherwise required by law or with the written agreement of the SIRC, Membership Fees, once paid, shall not be returned in anyway whatsoever. 

Article 6 (Transfers)

No Member shall be permitted to transfer, assign or novate any part of its membership rights or obligations with the SIRC to any person or entity. 

Article 7 (Compliance)

Each Member shall comply with any instructions of the SIRC staff or assistants during the Programme and comply with and abide by the Policy and, to the extent relevant, the policies and rules communicated to Members by other clubs or associations during the Programme. 

Article 8 (Restricted Activities)

Each Member will not conduct any of the following activities:

  1. Abuse, threaten or slander any other Members, the SIRC, staff, persons or entities (“Other Persons”).
  2. Violence, physical or verbal abuse to Other Persons.
  3. Intimidating behavior (whether verbal or physical) to Other Persons.
  4. Threatening, violent or dangerous conduct (whether verbal or physical).
  5. Damaging or removing any equipment, facilities or objects from the SIRC’s facilities or Other Persons facilities. 
  6. Violating standards of public order and morality (including but not limited to perversion, exposure, spitting and any other acts of indecency or immorality) 
  7. Bringing blades, sharp or any other dangerous objects to the Programme activities.
  8. Conducting sales activities, monetary transactions, solicitation, political activities or petitions.
  9. Bringing large amounts of money or high value objects.
  10. Disturbing peace and order at the SIRC and its facilities.
  11. Any other activities similar to, or otherwise unrelated but not becoming as a Member of the SIRC.

Article 8 (Insurance)

Each Member, staff, coaches and other relevant persons shall enter into sports insurance designated by the SIRC (“Insurance”). Any compensation required or sought from the injury or death resulting from activities undertaken during the Programme shall be handled through such Insurance. No other member of the SIRC nor its staff, assistants or persons involved in the Programme shall have any liability or responsibility whatsoever.  

Article 10 (Liability Disclaimer)

Other than through the wilful misconduct or gross negligence of the SIRC, the SIRC shall have no liability or responsibility for (a) any loss or damage to or incurred by any Member or (b) any loss of damage caused or incurred between the Members or through any disputes between such Members. 

Article 11(Responsibility of Own Items)

  1. The SIRC shall not accept or take care of any Member’s personal items. Each Member shall be responsible for its own personal items.
  2. Other than through the wilful misconduct or gross negligence of the SIRC, the SIRC shall have no responsibility or liability for the Member’s items. 
  3. Member’s personal items which have been left behind or abandoned at the Programme facility shall be deemed to have been discarded by the Member. 

Article 12(Liability for Damages)

If as a result of the Member’s responsibility, the SIRC or any Other Person incurs any loss or damage, such Members shall be liable for any such loss or damage. 

Article 13 (Suspended Membership)

A Member may suspend its membership with the SIRC (“Suspended Membership”) if the relevant Members completes such application in accordance with Schedule 3 (Withdrawal, Suspension, Re-Admission, Cancellation). 


Article 14 (Termination of Membership)

A Member may terminate its membership with the SIRC if the relevant Members completes such application in accordance with Schedule 3 (Withdrawal, Suspension, Re-Admission, Cancellation) and pays any outstanding fees or charges outstanding to the SIRC. 

Article 15 (Restrictions and Termination)

The SIRC may terminate the membership or restrict the use of the Member’s participation in the SIRC’s activities and the Programme if any of the following applies to such Member. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary or any such restriction or termination, the Member shall pay any outstanding fees or charges to the SIRC. 

  1. The Member does not satisfy the membership criteria under Article 2 (Membership Criteria) above.
  2. The Member breaches any terms of the Policy or such other rules or regulations implemented by the SIRC.
  3. The payments arrangements requested by the SIRC cannot be verified by the SIRC (including but not limited to circumstances where the payment arrangement have initially been verified but as a result of Member’s actions or responsibility, such payment arrangements can no longer be verified).
  4. Non-payment of any costs, fees or charges.
  5. Any bankruptcy, insolvency or application for the commencement of any creditor processes with respect to such Member.
  6. The Member has not participated in any Programme for a continuous period of 2 years from the Acceptance Date.
  7. The Member has any physical condition (such as convulsions, epileptic fits, concussion or other head injury related symptoms)
  8. The Member has any illness or disease which may be transmitted to Other Persons.
  9. A medical professional requires the Member from restricting its physical activity or bathing.
  10. The Member breaches any laws or regulations.
  11. The SIRC at its discretion, determines that the acts or omissions of the Member are not becoming of the SIRC as a club.
  12. The SIRC has no responsibility or liability for any damages or loss incurred by the Member as a result of any restriction or termination of the membership pursuant to this Policy. 

Article 16 (Extension or Cancellation of the Programme)

  1. The SIRC shall inform the Members of the schedule of, extension of or cancellation of any Proramme event in accordance with the method designated by the SIRC. 
  2. A Programme event which has been extended, will be replaced with an alternative date and the SIRC shall inform the Members of such date in accordance with the method designated by the SIRC. 
  3. Any Programme event which has been cancelled, shall be notified to the Members in accordance with the method designated by the SIRC. As mentioned in Article 5 (Member Fees) above, any fees, charges or costs shall not be reimbursed. 

Article 17 (Changes to Membership Fees and Terms)

If the SIRC determines that any changes to the membership fees or its terms are required, such changes may be implemented, by the SIRC notifying the Members of such changes at least one month in advance of such changes taking effect. 

Article 18 (Changes to the Policy) 

The terms of the Policy may be amended or changed with at least one months’ prior notice to the Members. Any such changes shall take effect and be binding on all Members of the SIRC. 

Article 19 (Notices)

Any notices to the Members shall be conducted in a manner designated by the SIRC.

First Version: 20 September 2017
Amendment: 15 September 2018
Amendment: 30 June 2019

Privacy Policy

The terms of SIRC’s privacy policy with respect to the services provided under the SIRC’s website and information request forms (“Services”) for its Members or other users (“User”) shall be in accordance with the following policies (“Privacy Policy”). 

Article 1 (Personal Information)

Personal information is determined to be such information categorised as such by the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan (the “Act”) (“Personal Information”). This includes the personal information of living persons which includes names, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information, information accessible on the internet which indicate the personal information described above, of such persons.

Article 2 (Obtaining Personal Information)

The SIRC may request User’s to provide information on their names, date of birth, address, phone numbers and e-mail address during the registration process. 

Article 3 (Purpose of Obtaining Personal Information)

The purpose of the SIRC obtaining Personal Information is as follows.

  1. To enable Users to view or edit their Personal Information or verify the services, purchases and related payments in respect of such services and purchases.
  2. To enable the SIRC to communicate and provide notifications in relation to the SIRC or during emergency situations.
  3. To verify the User’s identity. 
  4. To enable the User to input its Personal Information efficiently in the relevant data forms and to enable the SIRC to forward any information to other services under the instructions of the relevant User.
  5. To communicate with the User or where the SIRC is providing information necessary for the SIRC to provide Services to the Users, including the verification of the Users usage of the Services or contract information.
  6. For the purposes of developing rugby and international relations, and to inform both the Japanese public and globally of SIRC’s activities, the SIRC may take photos and videos of the activities of the SIRC for use in the SIRC’s website, Facebook and other social media platforms. Members may decline (by written notice or e-mail communication) to the SIRC if it does not wish for such information to be made publicly available. If the Member does not decline the use of such information, such Member shall have deemed to have provided its consent to such release. 
  7. For the purposes of integration into the SIRC and its Members and the smooth operations and communications, individual photos of the potential Member or Member during the trial period or during the membership application process may be requested and utilised by the SIRC. 
  8. Any other purpose ancillary to the purposes set out above.

Article 4 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

Other than for the reasons set out below, the SIRC shall not provide Personal Information to third party persons, unless otherwise permitted to do so under the Act or other laws and regulations. 

  1. Required or permitted to do so by law or regulation.
  2. There is a threat to human life, safety of persons or protection of assets, and it is difficult to obtain the prior consent of the relevant User. 
  3. In order to improve public health and safety or for the betterment of children’s education or health, and it is difficult to obtain the prior consent of the relevant User.
  4. Where required by a governmental authority, local authority or its agents for the purposes of assisting in administrative activities pursuant to the relevant laws, and obtaining the prior consent of the relevant User may adversely affect the SIRC’s operations of the club. 
  5. The following has been notified or publicly announced:
    1. The disclosure to third parties as part of the purpose.
    2. Personal Information which is to be provided to third parties.
    3. Steps and way in which Personal Information is to be provided to third parties.
    4. Where the relevant User has requested the termination of the provision of Personal Information to third parties.
  6. Notwithstanding anything in the previous provision, the following circumstances shall not apply to third parties:
    1. The transfer of services for the maintenance or operation of Personal Information to a third party (whether in whole or in part) which is required for the SIRC to achieve its privacy policy obligations. 
    2. The provision of Personal Information as part of a merger, disposition or acquisition, or other actions required for the continued existence of the SIRC. 
    3. Where Personal Information is to be shared to a specified person and such sharing of information, the specified sections to be shared, objectives and the names of the persons who will maintain and protect such Personal Information is communicated to or otherwise informed in any way whatsoever to the relevant User. 

Article 5 (Disclosure of Personal Information)

Where requested by the User to disclose its Personal Information, the SIRC shall promptly provide such information. However, where the following circumstances apply in the disclosure of such Personal Information, Personal Information (whether in whole or in part) may not be disclosed (with such non-disclosure to be communicated to the relevant User without delay): 

  1. There is a danger to life, health, assets or other rights.
  2. There is a potential adverse risk to the SIRC’s proper operations of the club. 
  3. It is in breach of any laws or regulations.

Notwithstanding anything in the previous provision, any other information of a historical or specific nature which is not Personal Information shall not be disclosed. 

Article 6 (Changes and Removal of Personal Information)

  1. User may request changes to or removal or certain Personal Information it identifies as being incorrect by following the SIRC’s requested processes. 
  2. Upon receipt of the request in paragraph 1 above and the SIRC determines that such changes or removal is required, the SIRC shall make such changes or removal without delay and notify the relevant User. 

Article 7 (Usage Termination)

If the SIRC receives a request to terminate the use of Personal Information for reasons that the Personal Information has been used for reasons other than the purpose as set out in this Policy or obtained by improper methods, then the SIRC shall conduct an internal investigation without delay and where appropriate following the results of such investigation, terminate the use of such Personal Information. The termination of use of the Personal Information shall be notified to the relevant User. However, where the termination of the use of the Personal Information requires significant monetary resources or is practicably difficult, then the SIRC shall propose alternative solutions to the User which protects the rights of the relevant User. 

Article 8 (Changes to the Privacy Policy)

The Privacy Policy may be amended without notice to the Users. Unless otherwise determined by the SIRC, any amended Privacy Policy shall take effect from the date that such Privacy Policy is uploaded to the SIRC’s website.

Article 9 (Contact)

Any questions on the Privacy Policy shall be communicated to the following e-mail:

First Version: 20 September 2017
Amended: 30 June 2019


Commercial Transaction Law Statement

Name of Transactor Shibuya International Rugby Club
Representative Koji Tokumasu
Location 1-13-5 Hiroo, Shibuya
Price Refer to the admissions details
Fees other than any admission fees Travel expenses to the Programme facilities and personal items
Payment method Bank transfer, credit card
Cancellation Cancellation shall be undertaken in accordance with the Policy