Greetings from the club! The SIRC coaches have prepared some coaching video sessions for you to try out this month!

You can try these out at your house, the park, on your own, or with family and friends. No need for balls, you can do these using everyday items in your house like plastic bottles and cushions etc.

The video sessions are done in English (as per training) but if there is anything which is unclear, please feel free to email us at

If you have any other good video training or skills challenge video ideas, please let us know! (send in your videos to


Click on each session image!

Super Ninja・Ninja

SIRC ! Ball Hop! Challenge

We have also uploaded the “SIRC Rugby Skills Challenge” for Super Ninja and Ninja classes, and if you can send in videos showing that you have successfully completed these challenges, we will give you a prize at our next training session! (send in your videos to .

Looking forward to seeing how many can complete our SIRC Rugby Skills Challenge!


SIRC Rugby Skills Challenge – 1

For Super Ninja and 4 year old Super Ninja


SIRC Rugby Skills Challenge -2

For Ninja


All Classes

 —  Great for all ages!  —

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