Thanks for a great day of rugby

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Great rugby day! SIRC players from 4 years old (Super Ninja) to 18 years old (Barbarians) all enjoyed games at BST Nagasawa Ground on Sunday 9 February.

SIRC Cafe was opened at Club House to offer post match functions with snack and drinks all day. Thank you coaches and volunteers who made this great day possible !!


SIRC-Cafe ☕️

a big thanks to all

Thanks to all the volunteers we were able to host a successful cafe-style after match function in the club house with the Mitaka Sun Hawks.

It was team effort as we had a variety of homemade contributions from the mums including quiche, Australian meat pies, banana cake, chocolate cake and chocolate fondue; a barista dad preparing coffee all day; and 300 hot dogs prepared by our coaches and their wives.

Coach Mishima’s wife mentioned how it brought back memories of the hot dogs they used to have after rugby games in London. It also gave us all an opportunity to mingle with the Mitaka kids and parents who stayed on for the past-match event.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. SIRC will continue to grow with your support!


Super Ninja


Junior Samurai



U18 渋谷バーバリアンズ