9th February(Sun) Friendly Match Notice


BST Nagasawa Sports Ground

Click here for BST Nagasawa Sports Ground : http://shibuyarugby.com/bst-nagasawa-sports-ground-en/


  • Super Ninja/Ninja/Junior Samurai/Samurai vs Mitaka Sun Hawks
  • Shogun vs Minato RS/Bunkyo RS
  • U18 Shibuya Barbarians vs Toho High School

Gathering time / Finish time

Class Gathering time Finish time
Super Ninja 9:00 10:30
Ninja 9:00 10:30
Junior Samurai 10:00 12:00
Samurai 10:00 12:00
Shogun 11:00 13:00
U18 12:30 14:30

For those coming by car

  • On-site parking is not available on the day

  • Please note that only vehicles designated by the club such as official vehicles are allowed to park.
  • Temporary stops are permitted for those who would like to drop off their children first. For safety first, please stop at the place designated by the person in charge.

SIRC shirts for new members

If you still do not have red SIRC shirts, please bring any red T shirts to wear as a team kit.

Please visit the reception if your shirts have already arrived


Post-match get-together

A Post-match party will be held at the Nagasawa grounds.

We would like to invite all children and parents to  join us!


We will have a SIRC-Cafe☕️ on the first floor of clubhouse from around10 am.
We will prepare some drinks and snacks so please help yourself and take this opportunity to meet and chat with Parents, friends and team members.

Parent volunteers will also provide some homemade goodies! We thank them for their assistance!