Newsletter #021 (16th June)

///Newsletter #021 (16th June)

Newsletter #021 (16th June)



Sunday 16th June

Class Information & Change of Class Times for Junior Samurai & Shogun + U18

The class time will change as below for Junior Samurai / Shogun + U18. This is because the French International school children range in age from 8 – 11 and will come to joint sessions and games from 10:30am on 16th June.


Super Ninja / Ninja / Shogun + U18 – 9:00am-10:30am
-Normal practice

Junior Samurai / Samurai – 10:30am-12:00pm
-Joint practice and mini games with French International school


Showa Women’s University [ Showa Women’s University ]


Please click the link below to see the notes on what to bring and other miscellaneous items.
For contact rugby, please make sure to bring head gear / mouth guard and non-metal sole boots.
[ What to bring and notes ] ‎

Notes: Classifications

  • Super Ninja (From the 4th birthday to born 1st April 2014) – Non Contact Tag Rugby
  • Ninja (Born between 2nd April 2011 and 1st April 2013) – Non Contact Tag Rugby
  • Junior Samurai (Born between 2nd April 2009 and 1st April 2011) – Tackle rugby
  • Samurai (Born between 2nd April 2007 and 1st April 2009) – Tackle rugby
  • Shogun (Born between 2nd April 2004 and 1st April 2007) – Tackle rugby <Shogun U13(Born between 2nd April 2006 and 1st April 2007) – Tackle rugby>
  • U18 (Born between 2nd April 2001 and 1st April 2004) – Tackle rugby

100 Days To Go Promotional Photo 

SIRC/BST Year 2-6 students were invited to take part in a promotional photo shoot at Magnet Shibuya overlooking the famous crossing for the RWC’s ‘100 days to go’ on June 12th.

SIRC Annual General Meeting on 30th June

SIRC would like to invite all parents and members to a Annual General Meeting on Sunday 30th June.

More details will be sent out next week regarding exact time and location, but we hope to make this Assembly a good opportunity for SIRC parents and members to develop their friendships and the club. We look forward to seeing you all there.


RE: Farewell & thanks party for Brian(BST Principal & SIRC Coach)on Monday 1st July

We will be hosting a Sayonara Party for Brian Christian who is retiring from The British School in Tokyo at the end of the school year. Brian has been instrumental in helping establish the club, not only with providing us with much needed playing grounds but also joining the coaching staff and providing his invaluable time.Please join us in expressing our best wishes to Brian and to thank him for his commitments to the club.More details is post in here regarding exact time and location and how to apply.

[ Read more ]

Please RSVP to

Email example:

  • I will attend the Farewell & thanks party for Brian
  • Participant’s name: xxxxxx



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