Newsletter #024 (7th July)

///Newsletter #024 (7th July)

Newsletter #024 (7th July)


  • Class information for Sunday 7th July – Showa Women’s University
  • Tanabata
  • Notice regarding monthly fee for August
  • Introduction of new medical committee members
  • Volunteer work at SIRC AGM by the students of Showa Women’s University on 30th June 2019

Class Information for Sunday 7th July at Showa Women’s University

The final training session of the Spring Season will be held on Sunday 7th July at Showa Women’s University. We will also hold a final ceremony to mark the end of the spring season with all SIRC members. Therefore can all players please gather on South Ground at 10:20 on Sunday 7th July (This will be after Super Ninja, Ninja, and Junior Samurai’s usual training, and before Samurai , Shogun, and U18 usual training).

Training time and venue:

  • Super Ninja – 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m. – South Ground
  • Ninja – 9:00a.m.-10:30a.m – South Ground
  • Junior Samurai – 9:00a.m.-10:30a.m. – Leo Ground
  • Samurai – 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. – Leo Ground
  • Shogun – 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. – South Ground

Please click the link below to see the venue map and notes on what to bring and other miscellaneous items.

[ Check the details of the venue and what to bring ]

Classfications-2019  [ Check the classifications-2019 ]


Tanabata / Eddie Jones

A year ago, on this day, the SIRC fundraising party was held with Eddie Jones, the former head coach of the Japan national team and now head coach of the England national team.
At that time, Eddie and our President Koji decorated Tanabata and made wishes for the development of SIRC. Every year in Japan on the night of 7th July, people write their wishes on colorful paper strips and hang them on bamboo leaves in Japan. We invite you to do the same, so what will you wish for?

Notice regarding monthly fee for August

Please be advised that the monthly fee for August will be withdrawn on 25th July.

Although there are no classes in August, this payment reflects the SIRC Annual fee of Yen 60,000 that is broken into 12 monthly payments of Yen 5000.

Please be assured that we will continue working during our summer break period to prepare various programmes for the Autumn season, including arranging more friendships matches. Our committee members will also continue arrangements for up-coming events such event as the party with Richmond Rugby club, and other activities.

All of these activities incur on-going costs so we appreciate your understanding and assistance.

Thank you in advance.

Koji Tokumasu
President of SIRC

Introduction of new Medical Committee Members

We would like to introduce two new Medical Committee members,
Dr. Clara van Gulik and nurse Akiko Tanaka.
Clara is the mother of Martin in Junior Samurai and Akiko is the mother of Lisa in Ninja.

Please see below for further information on the Medical Committee.

Kei, the head of Medical Committee, Oliver, the vice-head and everyone in the Medical Committee would like to continue making efforts to improve the medical system for SIRC.

The Webb Ellis Cup at BST

The Rugby World Cup 2019 will kick-off  on September 20th this year at Tokyo Stadium with Japan vs Russia. The Webb Ellis Cup is the official trophy that will be awarded to the winning team, and has been travelling all over the world and Japan in preparation for the tournament. The British School in Tokyo, which has been a long standing partner of SIRC since the club’s beginning,
had the wonderful opportunity to host the cup at school on Tuesday 2nd July. This was part of the 2019 Official Trophy Tour which  the trophy has traveled to 20 countries and territories over the course of 2 years, starting in England in November 2017 and travelling to Uruguay, Spain, Fiji, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, India, France, Nepal, Ireland, Malaysia, Germany, South Africa, United States , Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and finally Japan.

In honor of the Webb Ellis Cup, students led a whole-school assembly on the history of the Webb Ellis Cup, the importance of the RWC 2019 and what rugby means to them. There was also guest speakers including our club President Koji Tokumasu who stated:

“More than 450,000 people come from all over the world during the tournament. As a representative of each country, please make new friends while telling the goodness of Japan.”

SIRC now has 113 friends from around 12 countries! We’d like to challenge all players to introduce themselves to players they have never spoken to before at the next training session this Sunday. Whether you have a chat or even say a quick “good morning” or “Ohayo!”, let’s try to make ever-lasting friendships through our club!



Volunteer work at SIRC AGM by the students of Showa Women’s University on 30th June 2019

When our president Koji Tokumasu gave a lecture to 200 students majoring in English Language Communication and Cultures at Showa Women’s University(SWU), he asked them if they were interested in becoming volunteers of SIRC or even players. Since then 23 students have registered and 7 of them did a fantastic job at our AGM. They organised a few meetings before the event to decide what to do and assigned the roles of rugby quiz, games and translating during their lunch breaks as well as holding a rehearsal just before AGM began.
There were also an exchange student Elsbeth from New Zealand and Ryota Tomizawa who is returning home for a short time from Australia. Mr. Hirate from SIRC joined to help SWU Volunteer team. Everyone, both SIRC players and SWU students really enjoyed the experience of being able to interact in English is a fun and relaxed environment. Some of the SWU volunteers said that they felt slightly nervous beforehand, but after speaking with our players they were able to relax and make friends.

SIRC would like to offer these kind of opportunities to SWU student who want develop their communication skills in English and who wish to learn more about different cultures. We would like to have your kind corporation and hope these volunteer activities will be meaningful and useful for their future.



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