Newsletter #012 (14th Apr)

///Newsletter #012 (14th Apr)

Newsletter #012 (14th Apr)



  • Class Information for Sunday 14th April
  • Hakone Tour 2019 Invitation
  • Upcoming Schedule for 2019
  • REPORT – Pass-it Back
  • REPORT – Exchange meeting with the International French School in Tokyo Rugby Club
  • Lost and Found

Class Information for Sunday 14th April

We will be back at Showa Women’s University Ground on Sunday 14 April for regular classes!  We are very much looking forward to seeing you all.


  • Super Ninja / Ninja 9:00-10:30
  • Samurai / Shogun 10:30-12:00  


Showa Women’s University (Sangenjaya).

Please click the link below to see the venue map and notes on what to bring and other miscellaneous items.

[Check the details of the venue map and notes on what to bring and other miscellaneous items ]


Hakone Tour 2019 Invitation

Plans have been finalised for the SIRC Club trip to Hakone on the weekend of 18/19 May. This year’s trip will be a two day event.

We have hired private buses to travel to and from Hakone.

Seating is limited so we would appreciate if you could advise us as soon as possible if you will be joining for the weekend.

Application form

Please register in the application form below.

[ Application form : Hakone Tour ]

 The deadline for making a reservation will be Thursday 25 April 

Tour Dates

Saturday 18 May to Sunday 19 May

Departure and Arrival

Coaches will depart from Tokyo (pick-up point to be confirmed) at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, arriving at the Seisa Hakone Segokuhara Sports Club in Hakone (the “Sports Club”) around 11 a.m.

We will stay overnight at the Sports Club on Saturday night and plan to arrive back in Tokyo (drop off to be confirmed) around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Please see below for the itinerary.


Accommodation will be located at the Seisa Hakone Segokuhara Sports Club.

[ Seisa Hakone Sengokuhara Sports Club l

The accommodation itself will be dorm style (4-8 per room) although we will endeavor to provide families with their own room.


Adults: 25,000 yen per person

Children: 16,500 yen per person

  • Includes travel Tokyo/Hakone, accommodation, 2x lunch/bbq dinner/breakfast
  • Please note that children aged 9 years or under will need to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Children 3 years and under will be free provided that they are able to sit on the parents lap during the bus trip, and share the parents’ bed and meals. Please insert a note in the application form if you wish to proceed with this arrangement.

How to pay

The SIRC Club will send payment details to you once you have completed the application form. The invoice will be in the form of a credit card invoice from our accounting manager via Square

We will only be accepting credit card payments. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but we would be grateful for your cooperation in this respect.

General inquiry/Special request

Please let us know if you have any special dietary/accommodation requirements in the application form.

The deadline for making a reservation for this tour will be Thursday 25 April.

Please use the link listed above in order to access the application form.


Upcoming Schedule for 2019

Spring classes will start from Sunday 14th April.

Please make a note of the scheduled dates below (although please note that these dates/times may change due to weather or joint training sessions or friendly matches, in which case we will update you in advance).


  • 14th April – Showa Women’s University
  • 21st April – Showa Women’s University
  • 28th April – <Super Ninja/Ninja/Samurai> Joint friendly match with Mitaka Sunhawks at Kokugakuin Kugayama the 3rd ground
  • 28th April – <Shogun> Showa Women’s University


  • 12th May – BST Nagasawa Sports Ground Opening Event (with the British School in Tokyo)
  • 18th May – Hakone Tour (more information to follow)
  • 19th May – Hakone Tour & Joint training session and friendly match with Odawara Rugby School


  • 2nd June – BST Nagasawa Sports Ground (TBD)
  • 9th June – BST Nagasawa Sports Ground  (TBD)
  • 16th June – Showa Women’s University
  • 23rd June – Showa Women’s University
  • 30th June – Showa Women’s University (TBD)


  • 7th July – Showa Women’s University

Other events

  • 28th September​/Game with Kings School under 12 rugby team from Sydney (BST Nagasawa Sports Ground)
  • 4th October/Evening function with Richmond Rugby Club
  • 6th October ​/Games with Norths Pirates from Sydney (BST Nagasawa Sports Ground)
  • 11th-14th October/International U12 Kids Rugby Event (International French School in Tokyo)


REPORT – Pass-it back 

The children of SIRC participated in several events that our club’s President, Koji Tokumasu, worked on as part of his previous role as the Asian rugby president (Koji is currently the Honorary President)

A number of our SIRC members took part in the Pass-it Back program with junior high school students from Vietnam. Pass-it Back aims to solve social problems with the power of sports. It targets young Asian people and children in difficult situations such as those living in poverty. The program aims to develop life skills to cope with various risks in daily life through a curriculum incorporating tag rugby. Click here for details.👇👇

[ Childfund Pass-it back ]

Ae mentioned below, two of the girls from SIRC attended an exchange event with the International French School in Tokyo during the morning, who then participated in the Pass-it-Back event that afternoon, making many friends from all over the World in the process. It is times like these when you are reminded that the power of rugby is still great.

The girls were definitely tired (but full of joy!) by the end of the day with all that rugby!

Thank you for your hard work, taking part in and enjoying the action packed day!


REPORT – Exchange with the International French School in Tokyo Rugby Club

At the beautiful grounds of the International French School in Tokyo, surrounded by cherry blossom trees in full bloom, the SIRC Club enjoyed taking part in a joint practice session and mini-match with the members of the International French School in Tokyo Rugby Club and an exchange event with former French international rugby star, Christophe Dominici.

Children from Ninja class who had not taken part in any contact rugby until that point, had the opportunity to experience and practice tackling for the first time under the guidance of a rugby coach from the International French School in Tokyo (spoken in French and translated in English by some of the students!).

The SIRC participants showed powerful spirit, determination and skill in the mini-games and the SIRC staff and parents were amazed and in wonder at the players’ natural progression in adapting to the new style of play and coaching.

The SIRC children seemed notably more confident in their play, running straight, direct lines with evasive steps, getting over the gain line over and over again. The results of all the practice each week at SIRC were on full display and the SIRC staff could not have been more prouder.

In the words of Mr. Christophe Dominici, “I was not born to do this work in the first place, but human beings, what I can do if I want to do it!”(from the autobiography “Bleu a l’ame”).

Christophe Dominici played a big role in defeating the All Blacks during the Rugby World Cup elevating him to legendary status – all of this was achieved notwithstanding his smaller physique when compared to other players, and we as a club want to convey this spirit to the children of SIRC.


Lost & Found

We found these items at Seijyo Gakuen 2nd Ground and Showa Women’s University Ground on Sunday 24th March.

Please let us know if these are yours.  < >

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