Newsletter #011 (24th Mar)

///Newsletter #011 (24th Mar)

Newsletter #011 (24th Mar)



Class Schedule : Sunday 24th March

Super Ninja, Ninja, Samurai

This week’s session will be held on Sunday 24th March at Showa Women’s University and is an additional session as a result of the cancellation of the 3rd March due to bad weather

Super Ninja and Ninja:

  • 08:30 – Reception starts
  • 09:00 – Practice begins
  • 10:30 – Practice ends


  • 10:00 – Reception starts
  • 10:30 – Practice begins
  • 12:00 – Practice ends

Please click the link below to see the class details and a list of what to bring:

[Check the details of the class and what to bring]


There will be a joint training session and a friendly match with Seijo Gakuen Junior High School this Sunday 24th March for Shogun.

  • Meeting time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Meeting place: Odakyu Line Seijo Gakuen Mae Station “North Exit”
  • Joint training session and a friendly match time: Approx 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Joint training session and a friendly match place: The 2nd Ground of Seijo Gakuen

The items and clothing that players should bring are the same as for usual practice, please click the link below if you are unsure.

[What to bring]

Please be sure to wear your SIRC uniform. Please also keep track of your children’s gear as several of the children’s items were left behind during the match last week. In accordance with JRFU safety regulations, children may not participate in the rugby match if they are not wearing headgear and a mouth guard so please make sure you bring these to the ground on Sunday.

Meeting Notice :

  1. We will meet at the train station (details below) and then travel together by foot from Seijo Gakuen-Mae Station at 8:40a.m. Please make sure you are not late for the meeting time. Please be sure to contact if you think you are going to be late. If you are late for the meeting time, please refer to the attached an access map and separately make your way to the ground.
  2. If you will come directly to the ground by car, be sure to arrive at  by 9:10 a.m. There is no parking at Seijo Gakuen so please use the coin parking outside campus when traveling by car.

Shogun Party on Sunday 24th March 

SIRC would like to invite all SIRC Shogun players and parents for a lunch party on Sunday 24th March right after the game against Seijo Junior High School.

Shogun members will eat for free but for parents and non-SIRC children, it will be around 4,000 yen/3,000 yen /2,000 yen for drink/food per person (please see remarks below).

Lunch will start around 11:30 am and the venue is TRATTORIA Seijo, just in front of Seijo Gakuenmae on Odakyu Line.

If you have not yet informed us of your attendance, please register by the following form by 12:00p.m. on Friday 22nd March.

Google Sign-up for Shogun Party ]


<Shogun member>  

  • Free invitation

<Parents and involved>

  • Around 4,000 yen / With free-flowing alcoholic drinks
  • Children of 13 age or older : Around 3,000 yen / With free-flowing soft drinks
  • Children below 12 age : Around 2,000 yen / With free-flowing soft drinks

Information for Spring Class Schedule

  • The session on Sunday 24th March will be the last for the winter season.
  • Spring classes will be held from Sunday 14th April.
  • Please make a note of the scheduled dates below although please note that the dates and times may change due to joint training sessions or a friendly matches.


  • Super Ninja / Ninja 9:00-10:30
  • Samurai / Shogun 10:30-12:00  

*The times may change depending on new age groups however we will notify you as soon as possible if this

Dates for Spring Schedule


  • 14th April – Showa Women’s University
  • 21st April – Showa Women’s University
  • 28th April – <Super Ninja/Ninja/Samurai> Joint friendly match with Mitaka Sunhawks at Kokugakuin Kugayama the 3rd ground
  • 28th April – <Shogun> Showa Women’s University


  • 12th May – BST Nagasawa Sports Ground Opening Event
  • 18th May – Hakone Tour (more information to follow)
  • 19th May – Hakone Tour & Joint training session and friendly match with Odawara Rugby School


  • 2nd or 9th June – BST Nagasawa Sports Ground (a date will be chosen soon)
  • 16th June – Showa Women’s University
  • 23rd June – Showa Women’s University
  • 30th June – Showa Women’s University


  • 7th July – Showa Women’s University

Invitation by French International School in Tokyo

Shibuya International Rugby Club has been invited by the French International School in Tokyo  to a special rugby session on the Saturday 30th of March with Christophe Dominici. Christophe Dominici is famous for being the French International Player who beat the All Blacks in the 1999 World Cup. The class will be held between 9-11 am at the French International School in Itabashi and is open to any member who would like to attend. More details of this event will follow soon. 

French International School in Tokyo ]

Information of Hakone tour on 18th-19th May

Following our successful first trip to Hakone last year, SIRC will be organizing an overnight trip this year.

Please keep the 18th and 19th May dates available in your diary if you wish to attend.

We will be staying at the Seisa Hakone Sengokuhara Sports Club and using their training fields. The Sports Club has a variety of room sizes that can accommodate entire families. The club will travel by bus, leaving Tokyo in the morning of the 18th May and returning to Tokyo after lunch of the 19th May.

[ Seisa Hakone Sengokuhara Sports Club ]

More details will follow but we intend to use a similar format to last year of having a practice, followed by a match with Odawara Rugby School on Sunday morning, fun activities for the kids and adults on Saturday and an adult dinner on the Saturday night.

This will be a fantastic event and enable all members to get to know each other better and strengthen club ties. We look forward to seeing you there!

Photo gallery

We would like to share the photos from last week’s session and an event. Please enjoy!

[Shogun Friendly Match Photo <17th March>]

[St. Patrick’s Day Parade Video]

St. Patrick’s Day’s event turned out to be a great opportunity for SIRC. The children, parents, coaches and volunteers wore club uniforms, passed along the ball with the roadside audience, and enjoyed the parade in Omotesando while scrummaging (literally!). I would like to thank Irish Network Japan for giving such an opportunity, and the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organizing Committee for their joint participation.    <Coach / Hiroki Shimada>


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