Newsletter #010 (17th Mar)

///Newsletter #010 (17th Mar)

Newsletter #010 (17th Mar)



Class Schedule : Sunday 17th March

Super Ninja, Ninja, Samurai

The session on Sunday 17th March will be held at Showa Women’s University. 

Time Table

  • 08:30 – Reception starts
  • 09:00 – Practice begins
  • 10:30 – Practice ends

Please click the link below to see the class details:

[Check the details of the Class]

* For Samurai: Please note that we will start at 09:00 AM this week, earlier than usual.


A joint training session with Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School will be at BST Nagasawa Sports Ground on Sunday 17th March for Shogun.

We will meet at Ikuta Station on Odakyu Line at 11:30 AM to get to the ground by bus.

Please make sure you are not late for the meeting time.

Please be sure to contact if you think you are going to be late.

If you are late for the meeting time, please refer to the attached traffic information and separately make your way to the ground.

[The way to BST Nagasawa Sports Ground]


Time Table

  • Meeting time: 11:30 AM
  • Meeting place: Odakyu-line Ikuta Station
  • Training/Match time: 12:00 PM  to 2:00 PM
  • Training/Match place: BST Nagasawa Sports Ground

If you decide to come directly to the ground with your parent’s car, be sure to arrive at the ground by 11:50 AM.

The way to BST Nagasawa Sports Ground

Public Transportation

  1. Get off at Odakyu Line “Ikuta Station” South Exit
  2. Get on Kawasaki Municipal Bus
    “Ikuta Station”Line “生01″(iku-zeroichi) or “生02″(iku-zeroni)

    • 生 01 Miyamae kuyaku-sho mae
    • 生 01 Miyamaedaira eki
    • 生 01 Washigamine eigyou-sho mae
    • 生 01 Nagasawa iriguchi keiyu washigamine eigyo-sho mae
    • 生 02 St. Marianna ika-shika daigaku mae

※ Any of these buses is fine

  1. Get off Kawasaki Municipal Bus at “Shun-jyu-en iriguchi”
  2. 8 minutes walk (650 m) ↩️Please refer to attached map

Kawasaki-city Municipal Bus

Departing every 10 minutes on Sunday

[What to bring]

The items and clothing that players should bring are the same as for usual practice, please click the link below if you are unsure.

  • We can park several cars in the parking lot at the BST Nagasawa Sports Ground. However, priority will be given to each team’s equipment carriers. If you can not find a parking spot at the facility, please use the nearby paid parking lots. There are several paid parking lots along the bus route from Ikuta Station to the BST Nagasawa Sports Ground.
  • Please be sure to wear your SIRC uniform. Please also keep track of your children’s gear as several of the children’s items were left behind during the match last week. In accordance with JRFU safety regulations, children may not participate in the rugby match if they are not wearing a head guard and mouthpiece so please make sure you bring these to the ground.


If we need to suspend our class due to bad weather, we will inform you via our official Facebook and Twitter accounts as well through a club-wide group email to all members by around 9:30 AM on the day.

Please do regularly check these communication lines for further information.

Let’s participate in St. Patrick’s Day Parade TOKYO 2019 !! (Sunday 17th March)

SIRC has been invited to join the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Omote-sando on Sunday 17th March. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy walking in front of a big crowd as representatives for the club and ambassadors of rugby! SIRC will be participating in the parade in collaboration with the Rugby World Cup 2019 organisers and as part of this exciting opportunity, the SIRC parade group will be joined by the official Rugby World Cup 2019 mascots, Ren-G! This will be a unique experience for the SIRC members to not only participate in the cultural festivities of St. Patrick’s Day, but also to be a part of the Rugby World Cup 2019 build-up.

Parents/guardians are also, encouraged to join and enjoy this experience with green accessories!


  • 12:00 PM Sunday 17th March 2019 (parade ends before 3:00 PM)
  • Jingumae Elementary School Playground
  • 4-20-12 Jingumae Shibuya, Tokyo


  • SIRC club uniform
  • Green accessory i.e. Cap, Scarf, Glove…

Please note that the meeting place (described above) has strict rules on attire, food, drinks, shoes etc. so please check the attached document below for further information on such restrictions in the schoolyard (the meeting place).

Photo gallery

We would like to share the photos from last week’s session.

Please enjoy.

[Photo gallery]

Lost and found

We found these items at Gakushuin Junior High School and Tokyo University Komaba Campus Ground on Sunday 10th March.

Please let us know if these are yours.

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