Newsletter #005 (10th Feb)

///Newsletter #005 (10th Feb)

Newsletter #005 (10th Feb)


Class Sunday 10th Feb for Super Ninja / Ninja / Samurai

For Super Ninja / Ninja / Samurai, class will be held at same venue, same time.
Please check the details from the link below.

[Check the details of the Class]

Class Sunday 10th Feb for Shogun

Shogun will train together with Minato rugby school at Aoyama primary school.
Please make sure to come earlier than 10:15 to join the class.

Time Table

  • 10:15 – Meeting
  • 10:30 – Practice begins
  • 12:30 – Practice ends



Aoyama Primary School
2-21-2 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku
Nearest station: Gaienmae Station

NOT Aoyama-Gakuin nor Aoyama High School!!

What to bring

Same as normal classes.
Please check the details of what to bring from the link below.

[What to bring]

Buddy system starts!

When kids first come to SIRC for a trial, sometimes they feel embarrassed, shy or confused about the whole thing.
In order to deal with this situation, we have started a Buddy system in which more experienced kids are designated as buddies for the new kids to make them feel welcome and show them the way.
On 3rd February, Henry (6 years old), Takumi (9) and Takahiro (5) acted as buddies and they all did a great job.
We are glad that new friends who met the Buddies are happy.

Friendly matches on Sunday 10 March with Bunkyo Rugby School

SAMURAI and NINJA teams are invited to play games with Bunkyo Rugby School at Todai Komaba Ground from 2-4 pm on 10 March (Super Ninja will also have some opportunities) So there will be no class in the morning of the day.

Recruiting some new volunteers

Along with the establishment of the new organization, we will be recruiting some new volunteers.
Please contact us directly if you are “applying” or “under consideration” with any questions.

[Application form]

Note the roles listed are just an initial outline and will likely evolve in time.
Don’t hesitate to join us, Let’s have fun together!


  • Number of recruits: 3 volunteers
  • Content / activity date / time / location
    • Dealing with all forms of club correspondence: Information manuscripts, publicity manuscripts, newsletter manuscripts, contracts and others (Japanese > English translation / English > English correction)
    • Act as below at your home.

* Request from the secretariat > Please hand into the person who is in charge of the translator group each time and corresponds with each other


  • Number of recruits: 2 volunteers
  • Date of activity/place of activity
    • Practice day
      First-half group will be in charge at 9: 00-10: 30 AM
      Second-half group will be in charge at 10: 30-12: 00 AM
    • You need to accompany with kids for the expedition
  • Content
    • During practice, observe the classes and ask for emergency judgment, treatment, etc when an unexpected injury occurs
  • Special Notes
    • Preferable who work in the medical industry
    • We have medical training for volunteers

Lost and found

February 3 (Sunday) There was a ring found at practice ground at Showa Women ‘s University

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we will not post any image pictures of the ring.

If anyone looking for a ring, please specify the color and design of the ring and…
Please contact us at

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