Information on venue

Showa Women’s University


South and Leo ground at Showa Women’s University
Nearest station: Sangenjaya Station
1-7-57 Taishido Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



There is no parking so please use the coin parking outside campus when traveling by car.


Your bike should be left at the bicycle parking in the school. Do not park your bicycle in other locations including the street outside. Please don’t ride a bike at the venue.


If we need to suspend our class due to bad weather, we will inform you on our official Facebook, Twitter, and a group-e-mail as soon as possible. Please be noticed on there.
Even if it is raining, we will practice if the Meteorological Agency predicts that the maximum temperature near the venue will exceed 20 degrees. However, if a weather warning is issued, training will be canceled.

What to bring

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  • You cannot contact to the school directly for our class
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