Invitation to SIRC Zoom Class

Sunday 17th May


We will start our ZOOM session on Sunday 17th May.

  • It will be a 30-minutes light exercise with a ball handling training.
  • Any child (and parent) can participate. You can attend more than two sessions as you like. You can attend or leave anytime you like.
  • You can enter the room from 5 minutes before the official start.
  • Please wear your SIRC red shirts when you attend.
  • Please reserve a space for exercise in advance and prepare a rugby ball or an alternative ball or a cushion or a pillow (anything you can pass or throw) to participate.

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The 1st Session for Super Ninja, Ninja and Tag class

  • 10:00am~10:30am

The 2nd  Session for Junior Samurai, Samurai class

  • 10:40am~11:10am

The 3rd Session for Shogun and U18 class

  • 11:30am~12:10pm

Your comments after the Zoom session is welcome.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our guardians for their cooperation.

And…, we would also like to thank the coaches who are volunteering for the ZOOM session in the hope of physical and mental health and growth of the children.