Invitation to SIRC Zoom Class

Sunday 10th May


We will start our ZOOM session on Sunday 10th May following last week.

  • It will be a 30-minutes light exercise with a ball handling training.
  • Any children (and parents) can attend and you are able to attend more than one class if you are so energetic.
  • You can enter the room from 5 minutes before the official start.
  • Please wear your SIRC red shirts when you attend.
  • Please reserve a space for exercise in advance and prepare a rugby ball or an alternative ball or a cushion or a pillow (anything you can pass or throw) to participate.

The 1stSession for Super Ninja, Ninja and Tag class


Please click this link :
Meeting ID : 845 0089 3078

The 2nd  Session for Junior Samurai, Smurai class


Please click this link :
Meeting ID: 732 7064 7390

The 3rd Session for Shogun and U18 class


Please click this link :
Meeting ID : 816 9858 9383 


Your comments after the Zoom session is welcome.