2nd February-Class information

Venue:Showa Women’s University

Location details

Meeting point

Super Ninja : In front of the leo ground

Ninja /Junior Samurai / Samurai / Shogun : In front of the South ground

Please put a ✔next to your child’s name on the roll at the reception desk.


Class Time Training area
Super Ninja 9:00-10:00(10:30)  Leo ground
Ninja 9:00 – 10:30 South ground
Junior Samurai 9:00 – 10:30 Showa primary school ground
Samurai 10:30 – 12:00 South ground
Shogun/U18 10:30 – 12:00 Showa primary school ground



Notice on using of Showa Primary School ground

  • Click here for notes http://shibuyarugby.com/infospssports-field/
  • We CANNOT use playground equipment at the Showa Primary School
  • We ONLY can use designated washroom (Please check the “Location details” above).
  • To keep using Showa Primary School’s ground, please help us follow the rules, thank you


  • There is no parking so please use the coin parking outside campus when traveling by car.


  • Your bike should be left at the bicycle parking in the school.Do not park your bicycle in other locations including the street outside(Please check the “Location details” above).
  • Please don’t ride a bike at the venue.


  • If we need to suspend our class due to bad weather, we will inform you on our official Facebook, and a group-e-mail as soon as possible. Please be noticed on there.
    Even if it is raining, we will practice if the Meteorological Agency predicts that the maximum temperature near the venue will exceed 20 degrees. However, if a weather warning is issued, training will be canceled.
  • Facebookページ・Twitter

Notice of short guardians meeting 

Each class will have a short parents meeting before the start of training at your training ground.
Coaches and staff will provide information about training etc so please gather before training.

Confirmation of attendance starts next friendly match

We will host friendly matches next week (9th February) at BST sports ground .
We will seek to confirm your child attendance during the short meeting so your assistance is appreciated.
Details are here

However, for team members who will be away for training this week (2nd February) please send an email to info@shibuyarugby.com to advise regarding your attendance on 9th.


Bring your SIRC ID card

Please bring your SIRC ID card and present it to the guard at the main gate.

Click here for ID card information : http://shibuyarugby.com/id-card-en/

<Members who have not yet received a SIRC ID card and trial participants>

Download and bring this temporary ID card

Also, any SIRC members who have not received their SIRC ID, please let SIRC staff at South Ground reception desk know.