Communication report

—10th November 2019—


The Tokyo Shimbun and Chunichi Shimbun introduced SIRC



The Tokyo Shimbun and Chunichi Shimbun introduced the Shibuya International Rugby Club in the article titled “The continuing legacy of the RWC.

” The Rugby World Cup 2019 has showcased the ability of the Japanese people to unite as ONE TEAM, in support of Japan’s outstanding achievement in this tournament.

The local supporters’ heartwarming reception of the various teams throughout Japan was also of significance to the success of the tournament.

We as Shibuya Rugby Club are committed to create an environment for the children to experience something new to continue on from the success of the Rugby World Cup.

(Communication Committee : Emi Hashimoto / Translator : Kazuko Osawa)


東京新聞と中日新聞で「大会レガシー 未来へ芽吹く」と題して、渋谷インターナショナルラグビークラブの活動が紹介されました。

日本代表の活躍、各地の心温まる交流等で、みんなが ONE TEAM になる素晴らしさを改めて教えてくれたラグビーワールドカップ2019。


(広報 橋本恵美)



Event report

—10th November 2019—


Thank you

David Campese

To all of our friends from around the world who came to Japan and enjoyed the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
I am sure that you spent time in various regions around Japan, before and after matches, and experienced the culture and friendship of people in those regions.
I know that you are now on your journey back to your own country.
We too at Shibuya International Rugby Club had new experiences and make new friends that would not have been possible without the Rugby World Cup.
A special coaching clinic by Australian superstar David Campese is one of those experiences.
David undertook coaching to help improve the skills of our kids and be even joined us for a small lunch. This will be an experience that we will never forget.
But this is not the end! This is the first small step for our kids as they continue their rugby journey.

David Campese’s website is below:

We appreciate if you write any comments on his visit and coaching on his Facebook page.

(Communication Committee : Emi Hashimoto / Translator : Melissa Inooka)



大会期間中、渋谷インターナショナルラグビークラブにも、ラグビーワールドカップがな ければ実現しなかった交流がたくさんありました。





(広報 橋本恵美)